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Interior Painting Near Me – Pros Know How to Use Painter’s Tape

Having quality tools is as essential as having quality paints for interior painting near me. Use the right tools to differentiate between a good paint job and a bad one.

You may use the best paints, brushes, and rollers your money can buy. But if you don’t correctly mask the surfaces you don’t want to be painted or use the wrong type of tape, you won’t get the professional-looking results you desire.

Use only painter’s tape along wall and ceiling edges, around trim and molding, and on fixtures to achieve clean, crisp lines and protect the surfaces from unwanted drips and splatters. You can also use painter’s tape to create stripes and other artistic shapes and patterns on the wall.

Why use painter’s tape instead of masking tape?

You might have noticed them masking surfaces with blue tape if you had hired professional painters before. Painter’s tape comes in the standard blue color, although it may be available in other colors.

Many DIY home painters prefer masking tape to cover and protect areas from paint. However, painter’s tape has proven to be a more effective way to paint interior and exterior walls. And should you wonder why professional painters use it?

Painter’s tape is more effective at keeping the paint from bleeding. It is also easier to remove without damaging the surface underneath than masking tape. Painter’s tape is also more flexible than masking tape and doesn’t create “bubbles” when you apply it to the surface.

Other tapes, such as masking tape, may cause bubbles, mainly if they’re not applied correctly. Those air bubbles can allow the paint to seep under, derailing your paint job.

On the other hand, painter’s tape stays adhered to the surface, leaving a clean paint line between surfaces. While masking tape can also leave clean lines, it is often unreliable. It may shrivel up, especially when using latex (water-based) paints, allowing them to bleed under it. Also, masking tape can leave an unpleasant sticky residue if stuck for too long, so you will want to remove it as soon as possible.

While masking tape is cheaper, it doesn’t offer the advantages that a high-quality painter’s tape provides. Scotch Blue and Frogtape are the most popular painter’s tape brands.

Applying the painter’s tape

Before applying painter’s tape, make sure to clean the surface. Cleaning and repairs provide a clean and smooth surface for the topcoat to adhere to and the painter’s tape to stick.

Once the surface is clean and dry, apply an 18” to 24” long strip of painter’s tape to the ceiling, keeping it as close to the edge of the wall as possible.

Manufacturers recommend rolling the tape on using long strips to avoid making too many seams. The fewer the seams, the better, as less paint will seep behind the tape.

Once the painter’s tape is applied, smooth it down using a putty knife. Tilt the knife to apply pressure to the edge of the tape. Doing this will create a tight seal that will prevent the paint from bleeding underneath it.

Removing the painter’s tape

Remove the painter’s tape an hour after it is applied, when the paint is dry enough to the touch. If the paint still comes up with the tape as you remove it, the paint is still sticky. Wait for the paint to dry for a bit longer before peeling off the tape. A razor blade or putty knife will score the tape’s edges and break the seal. Gently peel off the tape at a 45-degree angle to keep the paint’s lines smooth and clean.

How about taping textured surfaces?

For masking textured surfaces like stucco, popcorn, or brick, choose an extra-sticky painter’s tape, which is made to adhere in rough and uneven areas. Textured surfaces may also require extra time to seal.

For best results, choose a painter’s tape specifically designed for different types of surfaces. But if you’re still not sure, have the professional painters decide for you – for sure, these pros know how to use painter’s tape and which one to use.

Are you ready for a new paint job but don’t want to bother with all the work? Let the interior painting near me pros do the work for you, allowing you to focus on what matters most to you.


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