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Call Custom Painting, Inc. When You Need Texture-Patch on Interior Walls

When you need to texture-patch on interior walls, you may do it yourself or have a professional do the work for you.

Texturing walls is a popular home improvement job and an art form. It can transform dull-looking surfaces into visually appealing objects of interest.

But like flat walls, textured walls are not spared from damage like holes, dents, and tears. If you notice them in your textured walls, you should fix them as soon as possible.

Suppose you’re dealing with small-to-medium-sized holes, dents, or tears on your textured wall; here are the steps on how to fix them:

  1. Clean the problem area (a hole or dent, etc.) by scraping off loose debris.
  2. Clean up the edges of the problem area using a drywall knife or box cutter.
  3. Apply a single-sided mesh tape over the problem area. The single-sided mesh tape is designed for patching small holes and cracks in drywall and plaster surfaces.
  4. Apply a spackling paste over the single-sided mesh tape to fill the hole or dent.
  5. Let the spackling paste dry for 24 hours or as recommended per the manufacturer’s instructions. (If you use a fast-drying spackling paste, it will change its color from pink to white, indicating that it has dried).
  6. Sand the rough edges of the dried spackling paste until it becomes smooth and level with the wall.
  7. Mix a batch of joint compound, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Scoop a reasonable amount of the joint compound using a taping knife and apply it to the sanded patch. Create a textured pattern similar to the rest of the wall. Use the blade’s edge to wipe away any excess joint compound off the surface. Remember to apply the compound as thinly as possible. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for drying time.
  8. OPTIONAL: You can purchase a can of aerosol wall texture. Spray the texture over the sanded patch quickly and fluidly from one side to another.
  9. Let the newly applied texture dry overnight.
  10. Once the texture has completely dried, apply two coats of touch-up paint. Make sure the new paint matches the existing color of the entire wall.

Need a professional to patch and paint textured walls?

Even though patching and painting a textured surface is not complicated, it’s a time-consuming process. The prep work alone will eat up your spare time. And that process may become even more time-intensive if you’re dealing with larger holes or too many flaws.

Additionally, selecting a new paint color for the touch-up can be pretty challenging because it has to blend seamlessly with the existing color of the entire room. Even though the new paint color is precisely similar to the walls, the current color may have aged by now.

It’s helpful to hire a professional paint contractor like Custom Painting, Inc. to patch and paint textured walls. Our skilled team will come to your property to clean and prepare your textured walls, fix the flaws, apply texture, and paint. You also don’t have to labor over matching colors. Our experts will ensure the new touch-up paint will bend well with the existing color. Or, if you would like the rest of your room to be painted in an entirely new color, let us know!

Custom Painting, Inc. is a licensed, bonded, and insured company. It has been in the business for over 40 years providing residential and commercial paint services to cities in and around the Bay Area. In addition to regular paintwork, Custom Painting, Inc. offers other jobs such as custom crown molding installation and acoustic ceiling removal.

When you need a texture-patch on interior walls, contact us, and we will include that job in our estimate – which you will receive for free – in addition to regular paintwork. Custom Painting, Inc. offers a five-year warranty on our paint jobs to prove our commitment to quality.


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