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Licensed Painter Pleasant Hill – Helping You Find a Foolproof Bathroom Color Combination

Licensed Painter Pleasant Hill – Helping You Find a Foolproof Bathroom Color Combination

Licensed Painter Pleasant Hill – Helping You Find a Foolproof Bathroom Color Combination

It’s time to redecorate the bathroom, but you don’t know what colors to use. Hiring a licensed painter in Pleasant Hill can help you to find a foolproof bathroom color combination that will please you. Whether your bathroom is a classic one with basic white fixtures and a simple tile or linoleum floor or an elegant, fantastic place with marble or wrought iron, the color combinations you choose to set the atmosphere of the room.

Apart from bedrooms, bathrooms are very personal spaces. Choosing the colors for your bathroom may depend on how – and how long – you use it. Are you the “shower-and-run” type who needs an environment to keep you alert? Or do you see a bathroom as a place of quiet, spa-like retreat?

You can find many bathroom color scheme suggestions on the Internet, which are attractive because they inspire you to embrace color and not just use neutrals. You can use those color schemes to inspire your next bathroom painting project.

Natural color combinations

For a natural look and feel, use natural color combinations. One obvious combination in this category is forest green walls with a sky-blue ceiling, giving the whole room an outdoor aura. Including natural wood furniture or trim enhances this option. Other options include sage green and brown, sunny yellow with fresh green, and anything you see outside. It also doesn’t hurt to add new plants to the room. Bathrooms are places with high humidity that houseplants love.

Pops of color

Many still go for monochromes and neutrals for bathrooms, but you may want to see more than just black and white. You want your tiles to remain pristine white (for practical reasons), but you also want to add some pops of color to your bathroom.

Start with your vanity. The vanity is your bathroom’s centerpiece, making it the perfect place to introduce a new, different shade.

Don’t be hesitant to go bold with your bathroom color scheme. Paint your vanity with bright fire red that screams sophistication when partnered with traditional accents, such as a vintage chrome faucet, ornate mirror, or shimmering wall sconces.

If your bathroom is small but has a vanity, paint the countertops as well. That will bring in just the right amount of color without being too overwhelming.

If you need more time to change your vanity’s current look, paint one wall with loud color. The most strikingly loud colors include reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, and purples. It will make your bathroom look more interesting without becoming too busy.

Soft and soothing colors

You may prefer a soft, soothing atmosphere in your bathroom. You can achieve this in one of several ways. Seafoam green and chocolate brown are often used in spas and resorts. Pink is another soft, soothing color paired with dark, warm brown, making a comfortable space.

Blue and white are soothing, and that includes pastel blues, slate blues, and deep blues. Darker blues also make an excellent background for artwork or bright towels. Aqua, a combination of blue and green, is also soothing and can be paired with white or yellow. Powder blue, on the other hand, makes your bathroom appear cool and clean.

Earth tones

All-white bathrooms usually look cold and clinical. Even with veined marble tiles, your bathroom still looks pretty washed out. So, why not bring warmth and comfort to it with some earth tones?

Paint your walls with light and natural colors, such as soft browns, tans, or taupes. Also, layer the room with another earthy shade. To make your bathroom look more blissful, go for warm color combinations and accents, or add some chrome faucets or other metallic accents to brighten up your bathroom.

You may not feel warm and cozy if your bathroom is too large. It would be best if you chose this color scheme.

Colors with a fresh feel

A fresh feel is often a good choice for a bathroom. The most common combination in this category is Kelly green with bright white. Solid white can also be done correctly, but it does need some contrast to make the white pop. Blues, especially sky blue and bright blue, paired with each other or with white, also increase the perceived freshness of the room.

Green is a versatile color and can be easily incorporated into bathrooms, regardless of their size or amount of natural light. However, some shades of green are perceived as fresh, comfortable, and restful. Pistachio green will provide a new and vibrant theme to your bathroom, while mint is perfect for cooling a bathroom bathed with some natural light from the outside.

Sage is a “barely-there” green that has recently gained popularity. It’s almost gray with just a hint of green. Since sage green is not intense, it’s easy on the eye, making it a good and subtle way to introduce color to your bathroom.

Metallic colors

Bathrooms are usually small areas, so why not make your bathroom shine with metallic decor? It will also add a genuine “wow” factor.

Bathrooms painted in gold, silver, copper, or chrome or decorated with metallic accents bring a standout quality that can bring your bathroom space to life. Adding metal tiles will bring in a reflective quality useful for smaller, dimly-lit bathrooms. Bonus: metallic tiles are also easy to clean.

Metallic color schemes work best, particularly for modern bathrooms. You don’t have to cover the entire space with metallic colors or accents. Sometimes, less is more, and a metallic accent wall or a few metallic features are all you need to make your bathroom look luxurious.

Playful colors

You may prefer a playful look. Bold patterns and colors will help you with this one. Colors like lime green and pink, fuchsia and white, or pink and purple appear playful. Mix warm and cool tones for the best effect.

Some shades of pink, such as peachy pink, champagne pink, or cameo pink, can bring a touch of playfulness without feeling too girly. The pink tones help create a sweet yet sophisticated feel.

A splash of bold pink to bathroom cabinets brings a feminine flair, while deep purples provide a luxurious atmosphere.

Blue with red, green with orange, and other complementary, opposite, or nearly-opposite colors make the eye bounce and bring a playful air to the décor. You can incorporate colorful stripes to the walls or paint each recessed shelf with different colors for a fun look. If your bathroom has enough space, make it more inviting by putting up some framed photos.


When choosing the color for your bathroom, consider accessories and use. For example, if you apply your makeup in the bathroom, you will want to choose colors that complement your skin tone rather than colors that tend to make you look washed out. Also, if your furniture or fixtures have color to them, you want to use wall colors that complement them rather than having to make them match the new room. These are things to discuss with your licensed painter in Pleasant Hill.


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