Painter Qualities to Look For When House Painting in San Ramon

Hiring a contractor to do your house painting in San Ramon should not be a matter of guesswork. The fact they are available isn’t the only thing to consider. You should expect them to have other good qualities, as well.

So what makes a painter a really good painter? In this article we give you suggestions on choosing a good contractor to do your house painting in San Ramon.

True professional painting contractors have an honest work ethic, are not sloppy in their work, and deliver superior performance. Sure, there are contractors that offer unbelievably low rates, but is it a guarantee of good performance? They may work fast because their only objective is money, and delivering good service is not their top priority. As long as the house is coated with a new coat of paint, it means that the job is well done. But is it worth it?

Reputable painting contractors may not offer rates as their cut-rate counterparts do, but this is a guarantee that they will deliver quality painting that will last for years. This is important especially for the property owners who don’t want to settle less, they will want to look at some of these characteristics of a good painting contractor:

  • Quality paint products as well as painting materials and tools – Reputable contractors don’t cut corners when it comes to their paint products and materials. Paint companies who offer cheap rates will obviously use cheap and inferior materials. This often results in an unattractive, poor-quality finish. Yes, you may save money by hiring a cheap contractor, but is it worth it? Most likely the paint will just fade or not be good enough to protect the surface. In the end, you’ll probably correct these issues by buying good-quality paint, or by hiring a more reputable contractor. Either of these means more expense. Hiring a respectable and fully experienced contractor who has quality materials may cost more but in the end you’ll save money and time because of their quality service.
  • Proper procedures while painting includes prepping work, cleaning up, and disposing of paint or trash generated while prepping. Cut-rate painters may not take time to properly prep before the painting and they may not clean up after the painting. All they are concerned about is how quickly they get done so they earn more money. They will just paint, ask for a payment, and then leave. And not just leave – they will also leave you with the rubbish from their painting job. You know there is nothing more frustrating than cleaning up the mess that other people have made. A good painter not only paints, but also preps the surfaces before painting; they also clean up and properly dispose of the debris after painting. You don’t have the trouble to do the prepping or the cleaning yourself when you hire a good painting contractor – instead, they will do the job for you. Doesn’t that sound convenient?
  • Quality service and craftsmanship – A cut-rate contractor will speed up the painting process and likewise pay less attention to the details of their job. For instance, they don’t cover the furniture before painting, or they paint the doors and windows shut. A good painter is not careless or sloppy in his work. They are serious about each job and pays great attention to detail.
  • Accurate start and stop periods – A reputable painter will know and tell you how long this particular project will take to finish, unless, of course, there are unforeseen circumstances along the way. Cut-rate painters, on the other hand, will most likely balk when confronted with this matter.
  • Good warranty – This is one of the most important things to look for in a good painter. A reputable painting contractor will provide you a written (always written!) warranty agreement, so be sure to ask for one.

Licensing differs, depending on the state. Many states require licensing for the painting contractors, some do not. Painters in California should have the proper licenses to carry out their business operations. Besides, a licensed contractor is also an indication that the contractor is reputable because they obtain and maintain a license.

You also want to be sure that a painter is insured. This is one of the most important characteristics of a good painter that you should not forget to consider. An insured contractor means that in case a painter is injured, or causes damage to your property, you won’t have to pay the expenses because they are already insured by the company. Isn’t it a great feeling knowing that you don’t have to answer the medical expenses of your contractor with your own money?

Looking for the perfect contractor for house painting can seem like quite the task. In the end, you’ll be glad you spent the time to find the right contractor. You won’t end up with a painter who charges low but otherwise does sloppy and poor-quality work. Instead, you will have chosen a painting contractor who has the quality tools, does superior work, has a good warranty, as well as is licensed and insured. These are the qualities you want for a company when house painting in San Ramon.