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Is House Painting in Pleasant Hill Safe During a Drought?

Is House Painting in Pleasant Hill Safe During a Drought?

One of the common challenges for house painting in Pleasant Hill is extreme weather conditions which can affect the quality of your paint job. The summer season, for instance, may bring extended periods of drought.

Not only does drought mean deficiency in water supply for most of us, but it also means some problems when house painting in Pleasant Hill, especially when doing it on the exterior of the house. If you think the dry season is ideal because it would mean faster drying of paint, it may be true. But still, it’s not safe to paint under extremely high temperatures (greater than 85 degrees Fahrenheit) which may ruin your exterior house painting.

Sounds unbelievable? Just like extremely cold weather, drought can make a huge difference in your paint job. Almost all paints need to chemically and mechanically stick to the surface it is binding to. It can only happen when the solvent in the paint — whether it is a water or mineral spirit — evaporates at an ideally slow or medium pace.

So when you paint under brilliant sunshine or a hot and windy day, the water evaporates and escapes from the paint too quickly. The paint dries faster than what is ideal, resulting in problems such as blisters and bubbles on the surface. They are possible even on a freshly-coated surface, as long as the weather is severely hot and humid. Blistering paint will never look good of course, and will become a mess in the long run.

So what is the ideal outdoor temperature to begin painting? When is the perfect time to paint? The perfect outside temperature especially for the exterior house painting in Pleasant Hill should range between 50 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Many painters suggest painting in the late afternoon, just after the sun is high, especially on areas that you want to coat with paint. Everything will be a bit cooler, and the surface you’ll be painting is dry enough to be coated with paint. You could also do the painting during early in the morning, where the temperature falls within the ideal temperature range.

Usually, the weather is inherently unpredictable. These days you should really expect the unexpected. Even the height of the summertime may bring unseasonable rain showers or even torrential rains and thunderstorms. This type of weather may put an end to the drought just for a while, but in case these rains occur, you must stop painting immediately. Then wait until the rains stop and the surface becomes dry again to begin painting done.

When painting towards or during sunset, start painting on the west side of your house first. From the western side, gradually paint your way to the eastern side of your house.

The conclusion — it’s probably best not to do painting (particularly exterior painting) during a drought, especially from the late morning to the early afternoon. Aside from the likelihood of blistering paint and other surface problems, there are also the harmful UV rays as well as greater chances of heatstroke for the house painter.

Other occupations may endure drought, relentless rains or piling snow — and still manage to perform their jobs. But for house painting in Pleasant Hill, it requires an ideal time and weather conditions in order to do the job perfectly.


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