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Painters Fremont – A Colorful Ceiling Is A Simple Twist

Painters Fremont – A Colorful Ceiling Is A Simple Twist

Painters in Fremont are experienced and trained to transform the look of a space. They can do that by adding new colors that will provide an increased visual interest to the look of any room.

The ceiling is one of the most ignored parts of a room, but it is an essential part of it. Most painters would paint the ceiling white. The color may be a safe and practical choice, especially for small rooms. But whether your rooms are big or small, perhaps it is time to give attention to the ceiling, as it also plays an essential role in the look or feel of any room.

Adding a different color to the ceiling can provide a new and exciting visual interest to the interiors of your home. You can choose one solid color or a combination of colors to achieve unique designs. Get away from the blandness by considering any of the following suggestions:

1.Go bold with color and patterns

You can turn your room into a piece of art by going bold with your paint colors. If you love bold colors but are not yet committed to painting the entire room, you can go for an accent ceiling. Bold hues for your ceiling are a fun way to create an accent of color. You can choose a bright green or a fiery orange to compliment the bright color palette of your room.

You can add bold graphic patterns such as stripes and crisscross red-and-white patterns to enliven the look of your space and give it a fanciful atmosphere.

2. Take gradual steps

If you want to get away from the usual white but are afraid to make a big jump to bold and bright colors, you can go for other colors that can harmonize with the rest of the room. You can start with beige or cream, or go for a bit bolder tones like tan or any shades of gray.

If you are hesitant to add ceiling colors to communal spaces such as a living room or dining room, you can try them out first in smaller rooms like your bedroom, closet room, or bathroom. You can have an idea of how these colors will look when you put them in bigger spaces.

3. Add elegant or ornate details

Not a fan of bold and bright colors? You can add elegant or ornate details to add the look of luxury to your space. These details can go subtly well with the other ornate design elements of a room (such as the elegant designs and shapes of your furniture pieces) instead of competing with them.

4. Apply wallpaper

Instead of painting the ceiling, go with the wallpaper. Not only modern wallpapers come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and patterns, they are also a snap to install and remove. Knowing your home’s architectural style can help you choose the right wallpaper. The function of every room can also help you decide regarding wallpaper colors and designs. You can go for classic floral styles to adorn the ceiling of your grand living room or dining room, or you can put wallpapers with fun colors and interesting designs to more personal spaces such as the bedroom, bathroom, or powder room.

It is all right to go with soft and subtle shades to go in harmony with the rest of your room. However, don’t be afraid to go with bold and bright colors, mix in prints, incorporate textures, choose an elegant wallpaper, or go for bold patterns. You will never look at the ceiling the same way again!

The best painters in Fremont will help you choose the right colors and the designs to turn your ceiling from “bare” to “breathtaking.”


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