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Painting Concord – How to Properly Paint Your Home’s Exterior

It is time for painting your Concord home’s exterior again – it happens about every ten years or so, traditionally. Where do you start?

First, measure the house. Multiply the width by the height of each wall to get the area you will be covering. Most paint will cover about 400 square feet per gallon, but some brands may be a little different. Check the can for their estimate of the coverage, or ask a salesman. You will want to add about 25% to your total calculations to be sure you have enough paint the first time. Any extra can be stored for touchups.

Gather the supplies you will need. Of course, the paint must be purchased. You will also need whatever you plan to use to apply the paint – brushes, rollers and sprayers. You’ll want a ladder. Make sure the ladder is sturdy and tall enough that you won’t have to try to balance on the top when painting the highest points. Painter’s tape can be helpful. Drop cloths – even outside – will help protect surrounding areas from paint drips or overspray. You will especially want them on cars, but may also want to cover plants, walkways, and driveways. Items to repair the surface, if needed, include sandpaper, scrapers, putty, and caulk. Remember that repairs may need time to dry before you can paint over them. You also need to know when the previous coats of paint were applied, in case lead paint is an issue. You also need stir sticks for the paint, and a paint tray for each person painting. You may want the ease of cleaning up that comes with using paint tray liners and gloves, as well.

Prepare the surface by scraping off loose paint. Clean the walls with soap and water, as dust and dirt can cause the paint not to adhere properly, and will cause blemishes on the surface. Allow the walls to dry thoroughly after washing and before painting. Make sure anything you want to keep paint off is covered. This is the time to apply primer.

The house is ready, and it is time to paint. If you are using rollers and brushes, be careful not to overfill them, as this can cause drips and runs. If you are using a sprayer, use comfortable arm-length strokes. Sweep across horizontally, slightly overlapping, for the best coverage. If you are new to spraying, start with a wall that is seen less often, so you can get used to the process before painting the front of the house.

When you finish the large areas, use a small brush or small roller to paint the trim. While you are painting the trim, keep an eye out for any areas that may need a bit of touching up; now is the time to take care of that. Remove any tape you applied and pick up the cloths, then get a cold drink and relax – your house painting in Concord is completed!


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