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Painting Contractors Danville – Tips for Painting with Stronger Colors

Painting Contractors Danville – Tips for Painting with Stronger Colors

When your home needs a new coat of paint, sometimes it is fun to make a big change. Painting contractors in Danville can help you choose the best colors for your rooms, and will tell you that you should not be afraid to use strong colors. There are many possibilities for strong colors, which can be bright and bold or dark. It is helpful to look at your furniture and curtains and use colors that will complement them or that are contained in them. The small color chips you get in paint stores are not always helpful when checking out bold colors. To get a better idea of how a color will look in a room, try getting a large piece of cardboard with the color on it. This larger piece of color will be a better visual aid to test the color in the room.

While you certainly can paint a whole room in a bold color, sometimes you may want to accent it with one or two walls in the color rather than the whole thing. A single wall can be a “theatrical backdrop” for artwork or other pieces.

What color you choose will help determine the feel or atmosphere of the finished room. If you want the room to feel warm and cozy, choose warm colors. A deep red will warm the room and will also complement neutrally colored furniture. Chocolate brown can be an excellent choice. Dark orange brings a warm, fireside feel to the room. A darker version of sunshine yellow is also good, and is usually fairly easy to find in accessories such as pillows and curtains.

Perhaps you prefer a cooler, fresher feel. Use blues, greens and purples. A deep forest green goes especially well with mahogany furniture, giving the room a “back to nature” air. Blue is known to foster trust, and paired with gray trim, it can look quite elegant. Dark lavender is another color that brings a cool feel to a bold room.

Another thought to consider is to make the walls the opposite of your furniture. If your furniture is mostly warm colors, make your walls a cool color to help balance it out. If your furniture is mostly cool colors, use warm walls as a backdrop for them.

Oddly enough, dark colors on the walls will not close the room in. Darker colors tend to recede, making the room appear larger, while still offering a cozy, comfortable feel. If you want to get other opinions before deciding on a color, you should discuss it with painting contractors in Danville before making a final decision.


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