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Painting Contractors Livermore: How to Prepare a Ceiling for Painting

Painting Contractors Livermore: How to Prepare a Ceiling for Painting

Painting contractors in Livermore have a considerable amount of experience in tackling the more daunting parts of any task. This experience includes painting the ceiling.

Like painting many parts of a building, painting the ceiling requires the proper paints, tools, and supplies, as well as the appropriate application, to ensure the best finish. The ceiling, if not maintained, can attract dirt as well as cobwebs, which can undermine the quality of the paint on it. Plus, it is unsightly.

The ceiling will be the least of your worries, compared to the other parts of a house since it receives the least amount of traffic. Nevertheless, you should treat it with the same amount of preparation and the same quality of paints, as you do the walls.

Proper preparation ensures the best results when painting the ceiling. On top of that, there are some precautions that you should consider when you are about to paint the ceiling, especially if it is your first time doing it.

The tools you are going to require include roller, roller tray, paint, drop cloths, painter’s tape, sanding pole (or mouse sander), sponge, and a stepladder. Of course, if you have vaulted ceilings, you will also need scaffolding to be closer to the ceiling when you paint it.

Some reminders and precautions:

  1. Whether the ceiling is smooth or textured, it is important to sand it before you proceed to paint. Sanding will reduce or eliminate the coarse lumps and bumps and ensure an even paint job. You should use the sanding pole for this job. You can get up close using a stepladder. If there are lots of rough areas, you can use the mouse sander, which will make the job a lot easier.
  2. Use painter’s tape to cover areas that you do not want to paint – door and window frames, trim, moldings, doorknobs, light switches, plug sockets, and many other fixtures. Covering these areas will prevent the paint from getting into these areas.
  3. Use drop cloths to cover specific floor areas, pieces of furniture, countertops, and any other fixtures or fixed installations in the house.
  4. Use primer to cover unsightly flaws, block stains, and to allow a stronger adhesion with the topcoat.

You are likely to come across a question of whether your ceiling needs a special kind of paint or will it do fine with regular wall paint. When choosing a paint for the ceiling, you will want a product that will adhere well to the surface and can resist staining or chipping. A ceiling with a smooth surface will do well with any paint products. For textured ceilings, they will do fine with flat latex paint.

Paints with gloss will not only add sheen to the ceiling’s appearance, but it will also make the ceiling more durable. You may use glossy paints if the ceiling is low or if the room is small – since glossy paints are reflective, they can bring an illusion of a larger space or a higher ceiling. If your room is already ample, you can use glossy paint to give it a bit more drama.

Ceiling paints are not easy to find, as they are considered a niche product. But if you have one, you may have noticed that it is denser than regular paints. The viscosity means that the ceiling paint has more solids, allowing you to paint the ceiling above your head and expect fewer drips and mists (which is common in regular paint).

Like painting the walls, painting the ceiling requires is the right supplies, the right types of paint, and the proper surface preparation to ensure the best results. Painting the ceiling tends to be riskier, so it is best to hire painting contractors in Livermore to ensure the efficient and safe completion of the job.


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