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Painting in Alamo – Things to Know About Interior Painting

Painting in Alamo – Things to Know About Interior Painting

Painting in Alamo – Things to Know About Interior Painting

Interior Painting in Alamo can make such a huge difference in the look and feel of your home. However, before you cover the furniture or remove it from the room you’re painting, there are some things you will want to know about the paint you use.

There are three key ideas to achieve interior painting that lasts. Those ideas are:

  • Use the best products you can for your budget
  • Take the time to prepare for interior painting
  • Be sure to use the right tools for the application

A licensed painter in Alamo, like Custom Painting, Inc., understands these key ideas and actively pursues them for each painting project they do.

Even though you could probably get by with cheaper paints, to get the best results you’ll want to get the best quality paint you can afford. And, when you consider you’ll have to repaint more often with lesser quality paint, you really aren’t saving money in the long run. Good quality paint contains more titanium dioxide meaning it will cover better than cheaper paint. You may also be able to find better paints with other additives that will provide mildew resistance or insulation properties to help keep your room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer months.

Pay attention to the sheen of the paint, or the degree of shine when it dries. Higher gloss paint will be able to take multiple cleanings, doesn’t nick and abrade as easily, and will fade less. Most homes use semi-gloss or satin paint for the bathrooms and kitchens with high-gloss paint on the doors, window trim and cabinets. It is common to use eggshell for the main wall surface. Flat paint will normally be used for the ceiling.

Consider the colors you want to use. Does your room seem small? You can use lighter paints to make it seem lighter and open it up some. Darker colors, particularly when used as an accent wall, can help create visual interest without making the room seem smaller. You will also want to consider the natural light in the room before choosing a color. The furniture you have in the room, as well as any draperies or carpeting, may make the colors appear different once they are on the wall.

To avoid having to repaint, test the colors before you paint an entire room. You can get larger paint chips from better quality paint manufacturers. You can also buy a sample of the paint and paint it over white poster board. Place it in the room so you can see how the natural lighting affects it as well as how the paint looks with your furnishings.

Along with having the best quality paint, it is equally important to use the best tools for the job. Nylon bristles that are dense and long are best for painting with latex (or water-based) paints. If you are using oil-based paints, it is best to use natural bristles. You will need these brushes at a minimum – 2-inch sash (angled) and, 3-inch trim – as well as several rollers. The nap of the roller will be determined by the type of surface being painted. Use a 3/8-inch nap or thicker for textured surfaces and a ¼ to 3/8-inch nap for smooth surfaces. The paint store will be able to help you determine how much paint you’ll need.

When you’re ready to start painting, take the time to do some prep work. Scrape off any chipping paint. Fill in holes and cracks with spackle and allow it to dry thoroughly before you sand it. Clean the walls of dust or wash dirty walls to ensure the best surface. Remove the faceplates and use a primer to help cover stains or help attain a consistent color. This is how you will get the best results for painting in Alamo.


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