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House Painting Danville – Making Your Bathroom Stand Out

House Painting Danville – Making Your Bathroom Stand Out

House Painting Danville – Making Your Bathroom Stand Out

In house painting in Danville, the bathroom may be one of the most used areas in the house but it could be one of the least maintained (at least compared to bedrooms) when it comes to giving it an updated look. Fortunately though, since the bathroom is small it doesn’t take you too much time to give it a fresh appearance. It only takes a day or even just hours to complete your bathroom painting job.

Bathrooms present both a challenge and an opportunity. It’s a challenge because the bathroom is the most “abused” area of the house due to the frequent showers and steam. Thus, the bathroom’s level of moisture and humidity change from time to time. The kind paint you will use must be of very good quality to withstand those conditions. In addition to that, fixtures such as showers, faucets and bathtubs present a more difficult painting task.

However, a bathroom also offers a lot of unique opportunities for you to give it some attractive and even dramatic impact in an otherwise utilitarian area.

So if you think that your bathroom needs a total makeover to stand out with the rest of your house, you want to carefully plan. The first and most important preparation is to make your bathroom clean. Take down the wall hangings, shower curtains, and shower curtain rods and towel bars (if they’re removable) and clear all decorations if any. Remove any electrical outlet and switch covers, and cover them to keep paint out.

Complete toilet removal is not that necessary, but it’s recommended in order to facilitate painting the walls where the toilet is situated.

Next, clean and disinfect your bathroom. Get rid of the mold and mildew with specially made cleaning agents.

Cover the bathroom floor completely with a drop cloth. Protect your bathroom’s woodwork and baseboards by covering them with painter’s tape. Unless you also want to paint the door and window frames, cover them as well. Remove unnecessary old paint bumps and flakes, and repair the cracks and holes of your bathroom wall. Priming is a must if you want to give your paint a professional-looking finish.

Choose a color scheme that you prefer. If you want subdued, relaxing hues like you’ve seen in a tranquil spa or bright, vivid colors, the choices are totally up to you. The Internet is an excellent source to gather great ideas for lovely and unique bathroom color schemes. You can also visit bathroom showcases in hardware or retail home improvement stores if they have any.

If you find painting the ceiling necessary, do so before you begin painting the walls. Using an extension pole at the end of your paint roller, apply initial coats of paint. Allow it to dry, and then apply a second coat. Make sure that you coat your roller with enough paint each time you use it.

Using a brush, you should paint the walls by cutting in around the corners of the windows, doors and electrical outlets (it’s like you’re applying a painted outline to them). Also, do the work along the ceilings and baseboards.

Style tip: Some bathroom walls have striped paintings of two (or even more) colors of different hues, or contrasting colors altogether. Striped paintings can be vertical or horizontal depending on your choice. If you want to create a “high” impression for your bathroom with a low ceiling, a vertical striped painting is recommended. For a wider, bigger look for your small bathroom, a horizontal striped wall painting is implemented. Measure your walls using a measuring tape, a leveling tool, and a pencil to mark the areas you want to paint. There are painter’s blue tapes to help you create those really good paint stripes. Whether you want bigger or narrower stripes, the choice is up to you. This is one way to create a bathroom that will look striking and prominent with the rest of your house in Danville.

Allow the paint to dry. Once it is completely dry, remove all the tape and the drop cloths. Re-install old bathroom fixtures; better yet, purchase new fixtures that will suit your bathroom’s new paint color. To finish the total makeover look, beautify your bathroom with new decor, shower and window curtains. Your bathroom will look as good as new and more inviting – it looks like you may want to hang out more inside the bathroom than actually just using it!

As was said earlier, your bathroom is one of the most used areas of the house. So it’s only fitting that it deserves a complete makeover. Even just by applying a fresh coat of paint will give a different look for your bathroom. But if you try to apply some more different painting styles and techniques, your bathroom will definitely stand out with the rest of your home when house painting in Danville.


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