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Removing Acoustic Ceilings – The Painless Way

Removing Acoustic Ceilings – The Painless Way

Acoustic Ceilings were considered a great idea 40 years ago. That was until home-owners found them hard to clean and prone to collecting dust and cobwebs. Further, they were almost impossible to paint without a sprayer. If you think painting with rollers can be messy enough, sprayers are a nightmare waiting to happen.

Today, with the ever increasing numbers of asthma and allergy sufferers, acoustic ceilings are going the way of wallpaper. If you’re looking to sell your home, update its look or just make it comfortable for those living in it, it’s time to bring in the professionals. Removing outdated acoustic ceilings can be laborious and time consuming. That’s why there’s Custom Painting Inc.

Removing Acoustic Ceilings – A Process Best Left to Professionals

Removing acoustic ceilings is very labour intensive and involves an extreme amount of preparation. Custom Painting Inc. has experienced professionals who get the job done right, the first time. They begin by covering everything in the work-area in plastic, including walls, floors and all furniture and you don’t have to pay a penny extra for that. Next, Custom Painting Inc. professionals scrape all the acoustic off, repair the ceilings and begin sanding them. Now the ceiling is ready for texture. Knockdown and orange peel are the most requested textures when updating the look and feel of a home. The final steps are prime and paint.

But our painters don’t just stop there. We make sure to leave your home spic and span. All debris is discarded and the furniture is put back in place – all at no extra cost. How long does it all take you wonder? It’s done in a fraction of the time it’s taken you to decide whether it’s time to get rid of the acoustic ceiling in the first place! The average home takes 2-3 days for the entire process. We are very flexible with working around scheduling issues, even coming in on weekends if needed.

What’s more, our painters are bonded and insured. Trustworthy is our middle name. This means, you don’t have to be in, keeping an eye on our team for 3 days in a row. That’s what our supervisors are there for.

Most companies only remove acoustic and texture, but do not prime and paint. Custom Painting offers very competitive pricing on acoustic removal/texture and paint. Why google and search for multiple contractors, when Custom Painting Inc. and convenience are just a phone call away. Contact us now!


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