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Residential Painting Concord – Additives to Consider for Exterior Painting

Residential Painting Concord – Additives to Consider for Exterior Painting

Residential painting in Concord is a necessity when you want to spruce up your home. But did you know that using paint with additives can actually help save you time and money? Depending upon where you live and the type of additives in the paint, it may even be able to help save your home in case of nearby fires.

What types of additives should you look for when you’re ready to start exterior painting at your Concord home? Here are the most commonly used additives and why they are used.

  • Mildew Resistance additives are used for areas of the home where dampness is a problem. This could be a secluded wall that is shaded, under the eaves or along the bottom of the exterior where the ground is near the surface of the wall. This additive inhibits the growth of mildew. Look for additives that are specifically designed for exterior use as they may be different from those needed for interior painting that would be used in kitchens and bathrooms, however. Two additives to consider are ADD-2TM by Zinsser and M-1 Paint Additive by Jomaps. Using this type of additive will keep you from having to repaint as often and can reduce the amount of time required to clean the mildew from your home’s exterior.
  • Insulation additives can help save money with heating and cooling costs. This type of additive, usually a powder, can be added to primers, interior and exterior paints. You can also buy some paints that have these additives in them which mean they will be thoroughly mixed to offer the best coverage possible. If you choose to add an insulation additive yourself, be aware that they will cause the paint to lose its sheen. In this case, it would be best to use the additive in the primer especially if a particular sheen is important to you. Additives you may want to consider are Hy-Tech insulating paint products or Insuladd.
  • Some areas of the country experience more wild fires than others, and for homes in these areas, a fireproofing additive can make a big difference. Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions offers external paint additives that reduce flame spread to 25 or less on a scale of 0-200. They also have additives that can be added to interior paints which can prevent fire from spreading from one room to another. Other fireproofing additives can be purchased from Safety Think or Nelson Paint Company.

Please keep in mind; even though these additives can save you money when used properly, they are not a guarantee that your home is impervious to damage. Painting your home using these or other additives can help you save money or your home. A licensed painter will be able to explain the benefits of using additives when you decide that residential painting in Concord is needed.


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