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Trusting Custom Painting, Inc. as the Best Home Painting in Fremont

Trusting Custom Painting, Inc. as the Best Home Painting in Fremont

Trusting Custom Painting, Inc. as the Best Home Painting in Fremont

When you want to give your home a refreshed look, would you go for a DIY job or hire the best home painting in Fremont contractor to do the work instead?

A lot of homeowners feel that they are as skilled and competent to paint their homes as the professional house painters are. While applying a coat of paint appears simple and uncomplicated, there is so much more than what meets the eye.

Therefore, you should trust professional painting contractors such as Custom Painting, Inc. What makes the difference if you do the work yourself vs. professional painters doing the job? It starts with the cleaning and preparation of the surface, then the painting part itself and finally, the clean-up and the disposal of debris and wastes. Expert painters know how to properly do all these process steps of a painting job. They have the skills, experience, the right paints, and the proper tools and equipment – in other words, they have what it requires to do the job right.

However, not all painters have the same level of attributes. Every company is different. Some companies even fail to do their job right because they are only after your money.

Trust is important when hiring professional painters. Why should you trust professional painters such as Custom Painting, Inc.? The following lists a few good reasons:

1. You entrust your home to the painter.

Your home is the place where you feel safe, comfortable, secure and protected. It is the ultimate fruit of your labor and the source of your pride. It reflects your personality and it is where you create the best memories. So when you hire a professional painting contractor like Custom Painting, Inc., you entrust your home to them to make it more beautiful. The painter should be diligent and conscientious in their work to make sure that the job will be done well. As it is your home, do not hesitate to voice out your needs, wants, ideas and suggestions to the contractor. Make sure that they understand them so that they will be able to translate them well to their work.

2. It is your money and investment.

Hiring a professional painter is an investment. For sure, you do not wish to pay anyone who fails to complete their work (or do their job in a shabby manner) and won’t show up in case you find issues with the completed work. The right contractor will be worth your money and will give you peace of mind because they will do a quality job and complete it as agreed upon.

Also, make sure that the contractor provides a warranty for their finished work. Generally, reputable contractors such as Custom Painting, Inc. provide a warranty for their work. It should be noted that a warranty can vary greatly from one painter to another. As a homeowner, it is wise that you should thoroughly read the warranty and understand precisely what it includes (and what it does not include) to know what will be done when repainting is involved.

3. The painter will be at your home for a while.

Since your home is the painting contractor’s worksite for the moment, they come there regularly while the project is being done. Thus, the employees will be in constant contact with you and your family. Make sure that you trust the painters who are given the task of doing the job.

To find out that the painting company that you’re interested to hire is trustworthy, ask them for references. Reputable painters will be happy to provide a list of references to you, and that is a good sign – it means that they are confident with the quality of their work. After receiving the list, do not hesitate to contact those references to learn about their experience with the painters, and to see if they are satisfied in their work. While online testimonies are good, it is better to hear the assessments personally from the customers themselves.

Custom Painting, Inc. is one of the best home painting in Fremont contractors and elsewhere in the Bay Area. We are happy to provide quality interior and exterior painting services, as well as crown molding, color consulting, custom installation and popcorn ceiling removal. When you need a fresh coat of paint to your home or business, please reach Custom Painting, Inc. at or (925) 294-8062 (Livermore area) for a free estimate.


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