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Using a Checklist to Hire One of the Commercial Painting Companies Near Me

Using a Checklist to Hire One of the Commercial Painting Companies Near Me

It’s only natural that businesses want to have a re-painting job that will be worth every single cent they’ll be investing. You cannot blame them that they exercise carefulness and caution when searching for commercial painting companies near me.

Hiring a professional commercial painting contractor can transform the look of your business and will add value to your property. You will be able to see quality results that you expect if only you hire the right painter. To ensure that you choose the most qualified painter to work in your project, you must prepare and use a checklist as your guide.

You should include the following to your checklist, such as:

1. Ask the painters about their experience.

Many clients would rather choose painting contractors who have many years of experience in the industry. Experience is usually the first thing that clients would ask a candidate, with the usual questions like, “Are you experienced?” or “How many years have you been in this business?” The years of experience is also usually seen as a match to a contractor’s level of skill as well as their good reputation. The more experienced a commercial painter is, it’s most likely that the better the skill and their reputation will be.

Needless to say, it is important to know the background of a company you’re interested to hire. The Internet is the number one go-to place to find for commercial painters, and you may be overwhelmed by lots of information. It cannot be denied that a company’s web presence is important. However, do not take reviews at face value only – just a single bad review can make the company look terrible. On the other hand, it may be that some second-rate contractors may be trying to look itself better on the Web by posting exaggerated reviews and testimonials.

2. Ask the painter if they’re licensed and insured.

Why is it important for the painter to be licensed and insured? There are many benefits that you, as a client, will be able to enjoy as a result of hiring a licensed and insured contractor. One of them is protection from fraud. If a painting contractor is licensed, it means that it is legitimate to run its own operations. You can expect licensed to contractors to have a good work ethic; they’re guaranteed to deliver the quality of service that you expect.

In California, a licensed contractor is likely to be insured as well. If a contractor has a liability insurance, it can cover damages that it has caused to your property. If it has a worker’s insurance, it compensates their employees who are injured while working at your property. So, as you can see, if the painting contractor has a license and carries an insurance, it will provide you peace of mind.

3. Ask for references.

Ask a candidate if they can provide references, ideally at least three to five references. If they refuse to do so, then do not hire that company. Only reputable contractors who are straightforward and confident in their own work are ready to give you references.

Once you have the references, contact them and make sure that you ask them questions about the quality of their work, as well as how they behaved and conducted themselves during the project. Ask questions like: “What did the painter do and how they do it?”, “Did they arrive at the site on time?” “Did they leave the site clean and organized?” “Did they use quality paints and materials?” “Did you have any concerns about their behavior?”. Asking the references with specific questions will enable you to get more satisfactory answers.

4. Get a written estimate.

Getting a written estimate from your candidate will give you a more concrete idea about the cost that will go into the project. This will help you to be aware where will your money exactly go – and you have the right to know about it. Ask the painters for a detailed and itemized list of expenses.

5. Get a warranty.

The warranty will cover everything that you need to know about the project. They usually include work and payment schedule, as well as the things that they will cover (and will not cover) in the event of unexpected damage and/or quality issues that may arise in your property after the painting job has been done. Do not hesitate to ask commercial painting companies near me if you have any questions regarding the warranty’s content, and they will be likely to address them on the spot. It is important to make your needs known to them.


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