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Is a Spray Painter Needed for House Painting in Pleasanton?

Is a Spray Painter Needed for House Painting in Pleasanton?

If you have done any house painting in Pleasanton, you may have gotten tired of using a paintbrush or a paint roller. You may want to try something new like spray painting. But do you actually need this method? Will a spray painter do a good job or not? Will it give the results you want?

Compared to paint brushing or rolling, spray painting is a relatively new method. So before you actually buy a spray painter, consider these factors that will help you determine whether or not you actually need one.

Advantages of a spray painter

A brush and a roller are sufficient for doing most painting jobs, but for projects that require painting large surfaces or intricate detail, a spray painter will do the job. Applying paint using a spray is less tedious than either using a brush or a roller. Spray painting usually gives off a smoother, more even coating on the surface.

Spray painting can be easily applied on any type of surface such as metal, wood, plastic, and glass if it has been properly prepared. It also makes the job faster and easier, as well as is quite flexible and versatile.

Spray painters are available in a variety of sizes, types, and colors. They can be used by both homeowners and professional painters. Typically, there are two types of paint sprayers: air and airless. Air models use air compression to draw the paint out, while airless types use pressure to eject the paint out. Some paint sprayers can also be adjusted to allow applying paint of various thicknesses at different times using the same sprayer.

If you have just a small painting project, smaller and portable spray painters are ideal. However, if you have to paint a large structure, you can also use bigger spray painters. They also come in a wide range of effects that includes pearly or metallic finishes. Spray painters are also available in gas-powered, electric, or cordless models.

Disadvantages of a spray painter

Many DIY-ers think that a spray painter can be used for all kinds of projects. Yes, a spray painter has lots of advantages, but you may be surprised to learn that there is also a bad side to using it.

For one, using a spray painter may not be the most practical method, financial-wise. Most spray painters are quite expensive and can cost you from hundreds of dollars to a few thousand dollars. It’s not an economical choice and can be quite wasteful. So if you really had to use a spray painter, buy one that you can afford.

Many DIY home renovators also assume that a spray painter is easy to use — meaning that even just using a spray painter for the first time, they could easily master operating it. Yes, the device does make the job easier and faster, but it doesn’t exactly mean it’s also easy to operate. In fact, a high level of skill is required in using it, and you may even have to be trained to use the equipment.

If you had to use a spray painter, make sure that you have taped all the surfaces you don’t want to paint. You need to do this because there is a great chance of excessive spraying and overlapping; you have to literally cover everything that will not be painted. And this can be really tedious prep work.

When using a different paint color, you also have to clean paint sprayers very well before filling them with new paint. This is not exactly a time-saving job to do, and if you don’t have it completely cleaned, you may ruin the new paint color. Another disadvantage is that spray painting is not be feasible for painting textured surfaces such as stucco. It may not fill every tiny hole on the surface so you have to do back rolling for a more even distribution of paint.

Like paint brushes or rollers, a spray painter has its upsides and downsides. Contact professional painting contractors like Custom Painting, Inc. to help you determine whether or not a spray painter is needed for your house painting in Pleasanton project.


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