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House Painting Pleasant Hill – What is the Best Interior Paint Type?

House Painting Pleasant Hill – What is the Best Interior Paint Type?

House Painting Pleasant Hill – What is the Best Interior Paint Type?

For house painting in Pleasant Hill, there are several types of interior paints. You may want to be a bit more educated about the different types of paints which are appropriate for certain kinds of surfaces.

  1. Matte Paint
    Matte paints have a flat finish, meaning that they have no shine, gloss or sheen. They are mostly easy to apply although it takes more than just one coat of paint to achieve the solid color effect. Matte paints are usually applied on walls and ceilings, and are the most commonly used paints around. They are excellent in covering flaws so they’re also ideal for older houses and other structures. The only drawback of a matte paint is that it will easily leave marks or scratches that require you to retouch with paint. There is another variation of matte paint which is matte enamel. Unlike matte, matte enamel is more durable and doesn’t need a lot of retouching.
  2. Eggshell
    Eggshell paints are a cross between a satin and semi-gloss paint, and they give off just a small amount of sheen. They have the ability to reflect light in a noticeable way. Eggshell paints are washable and easy to maintain, and are ideal for highly functional areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. But eggshell paints tend to make flaws more apparent.
  3. Satin
    Satin paints are a cross between matte and glossy paint as they give off a velvety appearance with only a faint of glossy finish. Satin paints are easy to clean and withstand wear and tear. Therefore they are recommended for highly functional areas like kitchens, bathrooms and children’s playrooms. Satin paints are usually ideal for walls, but are also applied on windows, doors and trims. However, they’re not recommended for hiding flaws in your house, as satin paints tend to make these imperfections more obvious.
  4. Semi-gloss
    Semi-gloss paints give off a more remarkable sheen than either eggshell or satin. They have the ability to reflect light more noticeably. Semi-gloss paints are ideal to highlight parts of the house such as banisters, trims and some fixed furniture like cabinets. They are easy to clean, but they tend to show flaws.
  5. Gloss
    Glossy paints, as they are called, emit the highest degree of sheen and gloss. They have high reflective characteristics that are similar to those of enamel or plastic. They are ideal to accentuate parts of the house such as banisters, railings, cabinets, trims and shelves. Gloss paints are easy to clean, but may show surface flaws.

The more you know about the types of paint, you will find it easier to make the right selection among many paint varieties.

If you still need professional advice in this regard, you can always turn to experts such as Custom Painting, Inc. Our fully licensed and insured contractors will guide you in choosing the appropriate types of paint and applying them on the interiors when house painting in your Pleasant Hill home.


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