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Are There Affordable Interior Painters Near Me?

Are There Affordable Interior Painters Near Me?

One of the appealing aspects of a DIY home painting is that we’re learning a new hack or two while trying to save money. But sometimes, DIY painters may not accomplish everything on their “to-do” list, especially if they want to do things right for the first time. And this is where they start looking for affordable painters near me who are also reliable.

But finding an affordable and reliable house painter isn’t easy. You’re looking for a professional paint job, but your limited budget may hinder you. But to lessen some of the stress associated with looking for an affordable painter, consider these tips to somewhat lower the cost of a pro’s paint estimate:

  • Empty your house – The most time-consuming part of a paint job is the prep time – and the longer the prep time, the greater your expenses will be. Fortunately, making room for painting doesn’t require professional help and is something you can do yourself. Empty your house by moving out furniture, uninstalling wall decor, removing light switch covers, etc. If your house is empty, you will get a lower quoting price than if it is full of furnishings.
  • Be flexible with your time – If possible, don’t set a deadline for the project. Inform your painter that you are flexible about when the project gets finished. Schedule your home painting projects in the off-peak season, like autumn or winter. Sometimes, there are last-minute cancellations and a need to fill a spot in the schedule, so let your painter know and ask for a discount. When you give flexibility to your painter, there’s a good chance that they may give you a discount in return so that you will get a cheaper paint estimate.
  • Get multiple paint quotes – We usually recommend customers get at least three estimates before deciding on the right painting contractors. Not all contractors offer the same price, level of service, and professionalism. At Custom Painting Inc., we have a valid license and insurance. We do background checks on our staff before we hire them. And when you are comparing our rates to another painting contractor’s, ensure they meet the same level of expertise, professionalism, and protection from any liability. If you don’t have the time to get multiple paint quotes, you should ask your painter about the benefits of hiring them on the spot. It will most likely lead to a significant discount on the spot since you’re helping the painter save the time and effort he would have spent in getting back and forth and following up with you.
  • Do some paintwork yourself – The more you paint, the more you save. Again, let’s consider the prep, which gets the bulk of the time and cost of any paint project. If your painting contractor is already there to paint one room, it will cost you a fraction of what you’ll pay your painter to work on another room. Since the time and cost of cleanup and preparation are already there, it will cost you around one-tenth of what your contractor paid to paint another room.
  • Ask politely – Ask your painters politely may also be an effective way to get a cheaper painting quote. Since painters are laborers, they work hard to bring food to their families. Most painters are also reasonable folks who want to make their clients happy. Let them know you want to get the most out of your money, that you wish this project to be done as soon as possible, and that you would like to work with them. You can say something like, “Could you please provide me a better painting estimate? If you could, I would be happy to give you my job today.” This request will work for almost all painters since they are also eager for every opportunity they can find. As a result, you will establish a better connection with your painter and enjoy a better price at the same time.

Hiring affordable interior painters near me can be pretty tricky. When you’re facing a high price for only a small room or area that you’d like painted, always think of what you can do to bring down that price and, at the same time, enjoy the benefits of a professionally done paint job.


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