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Before You Sell Your Home, Consider These House Painting in Pleasant Hill Suggestions

Before You Sell Your Home, Consider These House Painting in Pleasant Hill Suggestions

Before You Sell Your Home, Consider These House Painting in Pleasant Hill Suggestions

House painting in Pleasant Hill can not only beautify your home, but can also increase its re-selling value. Giving your home a fresh coat of paint makes a big difference, and will definitely be attractive to your potential buyers. Remember that when you sell your home you will be facing a lot of tough competition, as these days more and more people are putting up their own residential properties for sale.

Before selling your own home, of course you will want to take care of repair work that needs to be done on damaged or most overused parts of the house like toilets, gutters, flooring, and roof. Many people ask if they must paint their homes before selling them. It is up to the homeowner whether or not they should paint their house. But if you really want to find a buyer in a short amount of time and make a profit, you should improve your house as much as possible, especially if your house has reached 15 to 20 years and nothing has been done to it. Remember that potential buyers who walk into your house will scrutinize each and every part of it to make sure that your house will be worth their money before they buy it.

Some people may ask you about how you maintain your house. But for many customers, first impressions last, and this is true from the moment they step into your home. Potential buyers will also inspect the kind and color of paint you use in your house. They may note some flaws or wrong color combinations that would discourage them from purchasing your property. To avoid such possibility, prepare your house to be an excellent investment option to your likely buyer. This preparation includes house painting in Pleasant Hill.

Picking the right paint is something that frustrates many people. While paint is relatively simple to apply and re-apply, the wrong color combinations inside and out may turn off potential buyers from purchasing your house. To avoid this, many real estate professionals recommend that you paint your house with neutral colors.

But if you’re still living in a house that you’re selling, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to stick with all neutral colors. White and beige are classics, but you’ve got highlight your house with vibrant and even bolder colors to make your house a standout in the market.

Paint your house with your potential customer in mind, especially when it comes to exterior painting which may be your house’s selling point. As much as you would like your house to be a standout, at the same time your house should keep the character of your neighborhood. If your neighbors’ homes are all beige or off-white, don’t paint your house with pink or canary yellow. This is especially true when you realize that your potential buyer is new to the neighborhood and may not want to attract unwanted attention by living in a vividly-colored house. If you want your house to keep up with your neighbors’ but at the same time make it outstanding, apply a bolder paint color on door and window frames.

Geographical location of the house is also a big factor in re-painting your house. For example, you may not have a problem with painting your home with bright yellow, scarlet red or powder blue if you live near a beach in Florida. But this approach won’t work if you reside in a suburban neighborhood in Chicago.

In painting your living room, remember that this is where the family spends their time together. Paint your living room walls with warm colors like tan, beige, or turmeric yellow. Highlight other fixtures of the house (like shelves) with a different hue.

In painting your kitchen, the key here is bright colors. Since the kitchen is a highly functional area where meals are prepared, apply light-colored paints. This will give added brightness in the room. After all, how can you tell if your food is ready if you can’t see the color?

Some people take an even bolder step with re-painting their kitchen. Some paint the kitchen walls with shades of red. Red, after all, whets a person’s appetite as well as passion for cooking. Many kitchens combine red with a different color of lighter shade in some parts, e.g., red walls and white countertops and cupboards.

When it comes to painting a bedroom, keep in mind that this is place for relaxation. Simply, you don’t want to paint your bedroom with loud, garish colors that may keep you awake rather than help you fall asleep. Paint colors for your bedroom should be mild, soft and muted. Eggshell whites, beiges, soft grays, periwinkle purples, lapis lazuli blues and olive greens set you into a relaxing mood.

Bathrooms are usually small, but many owners make the mistake of applying the bathroom’s surfaces with bolder colors that will make it appear more limited. Paint your bathroom ceilings and walls with the classic beige or white — and it should be one color only. Doing so will give the appearance of a bigger bathroom; besides, it will also help you to notice mold and mildew when a bathroom is brightly-colored.

House painting in Pleasant Hill before selling your property is a big job indeed. However, if you paint your home with appropriate colors that also make your house stand out, it will help you land a buyer in no time.


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