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House Painting in Pleasant Hill Suggestions for the Bathroom

House Painting in Pleasant Hill Suggestions for the Bathroom

House Painting in Pleasant Hill Suggestions for the Bathroom

When you are ready for house painting in Pleasant Hill, first you need to know that a bathroom is entirely different from the rest of the house. It is possible to use the same painting method from room to room, but when it comes to the bathroom, you may need to change your approach. Here are several reasons to change painting methods when painting your bathroom.

  1. The bathroom is the only place with high levels of moisture and humidity. Unless you paint in a newly built bathroom, you will probably have some issues regarding the paint’s ability to adhere to the walls.
  2. Most bathrooms are small, although there are some with an ample amount of space. Think more about color choices or there may be a negative effect on the perceived space.

Considering these factors, you should select a very good quality paint which is also moisture-resistant. These types of paints should be durable enough to withstand moisture. There are even paints on the market that are formulated to resist mold and mildew.

Since bathroom walls are moisture-intensive, you can choose from either oil to latex paint. Latex paints are good at withstanding some amount of moisture. While oil-based paints are better in terms of durability and high resistance to moisture and humidity. Remember, however, oil-based paints take quite a long time to dry, and it’s definitely more expensive than latex paint.

When you buy paint with a certain finish, a satin or an eggshell paint is the most ideal. It will give off a small amount of sheen and make the wall easy to clean. Although paints with a flat or matte finish isn’t generally recommended, even the flattest of the flat paints can also be applied in the bathroom, as long as it’s used outside the ultra-moist areas. Paints with semi-gloss finish are particularly used in bathrooms that aren’t often used such as a guest bathroom.

Although extremely glossy paints are durable and much easier to clean and scrub, you should otherwise avoid using them in the bathroom. The reason is, of course, the high level of sheen which reflects the light. You may not want an extremely shiny bathroom, or a wall that looks like plastic or enamel.

Your choice of finish is also influenced on how your bathroom is going to be used. If you have little children who love splashing in the tub, use paint with a semi-gloss, eggshell or satin finish. But if adults use the bathroom the most, any type of paint can be used according to their preference.

The size of your bathroom will definitely influence the choice of your paint color. As said before, most bathrooms are small, so a brighter paint color will give the bathroom an illusion of height and largeness. If you have a larger bathroom, apply a darker or more subdued paint color. This will make the bathroom appear smaller and much cozier.

If you want a spa-like ambience in your bathroom, choose a subdued color that will relax and calm your senses, the kind that makes you feel you’re in a spa. Work your color palette in hues of blue, green, and periwinkle. If you want otherwise bright and invigorating colors for your bathroom, warm, rich and intense hues should be applied to the walls. This will give off an invigorating and energized feeling when you have your morning shower.

Bathroom painting, as is the rest of house painting in Pleasant Hill, presents a lot of challenges. It also offers you the chance to make a highly functional room look beautiful.


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