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Commercial Painting East Bay: Protecting Your Business Exterior

Commercial Painting East Bay: Protecting Your Business Exterior

Building exteriors protect occupants from the weather and other unwanted external elements, whether they be natural or man-made. That’s why they deserve the best maintenance. Yes, the exteriors that protect us even need good protection, too. Hiring the right commercial painting East Bay company matters a lot, as they will be able to deliver the best-quality paint job for exterior surfaces of any business establishment or facility.

Protecting exterior surfaces is more than merely applying paint, because it also requires surface preparation and repairs (when necessary). But first though, it’s important to note that using quality paints does matter, because they will have the biggest impact on how the finished paint job turns out, and how long will it last on the surface.

If saving cash fast is only the thing that’s on your mind without ever thinking of quality, you may settle for cheaper paints. They may save you money at the start, but you will find out that cheaper paints take more than one coat to sufficiently cover the surface, and this will prompt you to buy more gallons of paint. Not only do cheaper paints require more effort, but they also end up as being costlier than quality paints. Plus, they may not be guaranteed to protect the exterior surfaces over time and even suffer some surface problems.

Quality paints (particularly paints that are specifically made for exterior painting) typically require lesser number of coats for sufficient coverage. Good quality paints will cover an entire wall in half the time compared to cheaper, inferior paints, thus saving you effort, time, and money.

When the project calls for repainting an existing painted exterior surface, contractors will check condition of the paint on the surface before proceeding to the next step. If the surface has mostly good existing paint, then it may not require a full repaint job. It also allows contractors to apply the right type of paint, paint color, and paint finish to cover the surface.

Many commercial painters apply elastomeric paints on exterior surfaces because of their thick coating and flexibility under various weather conditions. They are more resistant to cracking and peeling. Elastomeric paints also make surfaces more water-proof and help in bridging cracks and other surface flaws. That’s why they are ideal for painting masonry, stucco, concrete, and brick.

But if the project calls for a standard paint, it is highly suggested that a paint with a faint sheen satin finish be used. Paints with sheen are more resistant to dirt and moisture and are more durable compared to flat paints.

As for colors, most contractors (as well as business owners) choose white for exterior surfaces because it is the most practical and economical. White also reflects sunlight much more effectively and is not prone to fading compared to other colors. Darker colors, on the other hand, absorb light rather than reflect it. That explains why they tend to fade faster, so that means they require re-painting which could also add up to your maintenance measures (as well as expenses). If you want a color other than white for your business exterior, you should discuss this with your contractor.

Periodic touch-ups are also a good idea to keep the surface looking fresh and brand-new all over again, especially if your business or commercial building is directly exposed to sunlight. No matter what type of paint is used for your property, intense heat and other extreme weather conditions can tremendously affect its look and quality. Quick touch-ups are good solutions to fading paint because they are less costly than a full repainting job, while offering pretty much the same amount of protection to the exterior surfaces.

Maintaining the appearance and condition of the exterior surfaces is extremely important as they are the front and the selling point of your business. If you need to achieve beautiful and well-maintained business exteriors, hire only experienced and licensed commercial painting East Bay companies who can deliver the finish that you desire.


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