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Economic Downturn Makes For The Ideal Time To Renovate And Remodel

Economic Downturn Makes For The Ideal Time To Renovate And Remodel

You know the saying – buy low, sell high. Well, that advice runs true even with home improvement and especially paint jobs. If you’re thinking about giving your home that brand new look and feel, the timing couldn’t be more perfect! Whether it’s a single family foreclosure you’ve just bought and are renovating or a townhouse you’re staging to sell, Custom Painting, Inc. contractors and other renovation experts are available – in surplus!

Paint prices lowest in 15 years – Refresh your home or commercial property now!

What does that mean for you? You don’t have to pay top dollar to get top quality work! Now is the time to customize your living space into a dream home. With prices on homes and contract work at an all time low, it’s all about getting the most bang for your remodeling buck.

We’ve been in the painting business for 25 years, and know that paint prices haven’t been this low in 15 years! When you work with Custom Painting Inc. you’re choosing value for your money, quality work and are nurturing small business, the backbone of the US economy.

Choose only licensed contractors for peace of mind and top quality

There are far too many scammers waiting to prey on unsuspecting property owners like you. Outdated and often, even a complete absence of a contractors’ license is common with unprofessional painting companies who promise you the moon. The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) is your first line of defense against construction scams and fraudulent painters. Check their website at to ensure that your contractor has a valid license. Take advantage of the low prices in this period of slowdown, but always exercise caution and deal only with licensed painters and professionals.

Ask for references and check them for yourself

Custom Painting Inc. guarantees you licensed contractors and experienced painters who assure you piece of mind. We make sure every paint contractor we send over has an up-to-date license and can deliver the stellar quality you’ve come to associate with our name. Need to see a home we’ve worked on recently? If you’re in the Bay Area, it can be arranged! Just give us a call at 866-96 WE PAINT. Need a reference? We have plenty we’d love to share! You can also view our virtual gallery.

Paint color ideas online; quality that has stood the test of time over 2 decades

Our prices have changed but our commitment to customer service and a quality paint job remains the same. You don’t ever have to worry that the economic downturn has affected anything other than our low prices. Come to our showroom and pick out a color or check out our color center online to view our color catalogues, find color ideas, view design ideas and more. You can even download demos for commercial exterior, interior, and more, for free. Have a color in mind and want to try it out on your walls as a sample? No problem! Just email Custom Painting Inc. at or call 1-888-KMCOLOR.

Remember, if it’s Custom Painting Inc. you won’t be disappointed. Exceeding customer expectations – we’ve got that down to a science!


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