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House Painting Concord Means Choosing the Paint Sheen

House Painting Concord Means Choosing the Paint Sheen

House Painting Concord Means Choosing the Paint Sheen

House painting in Concord means having to choose not just the paint colors but also their sheen or finish. Choosing the paint finish may overwhelm first-time house painters, but this part of the job doesn’t actually have to be too difficult or intimidating.

To start with, you should have a basic knowledge about different types of paint sheens. They are flat or matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and glossy.

Flat or matte is a type of a paint finish that exudes no sheen at all, because it absorbs the light instead of reflecting it. A flat paint is usually latex (water-based). This quality makes this type of paint finish ideal for hiding surface flaws. But since flat paints tend to be porous, it traps dirt so it cannot be easily cleaned. However, some paint manufacturers such as Sherwin-Williams have specially-formulated flat paints that can be easily washed and cleaned.

An eggshell paint is so called because it is essentially a flat paint which emits a very faint sheen, just like that of a chicken egg. Take this type as a “borderline glossy” flat paint. It does a good job of covering imperfections.

Paint with a satin finish gives off enough luster; despite its name, the satin paint is mostly characterized as velvety. It’s not good for covering surface flaws but is durable and easily cleaned.

semi-glosspaint emits a more noticeable shine compared to eggshell and satin. Just like other glossy paints, it is not ideal for concealing flaws but is otherwise highly durable and it can take a lot of cleaning.

glossy paint has the highest amount of sheen as it reflects the most light. It is the most durable among all the other paint finishes and is the easiest to clean. But like other shiny paints, a glossy paint is not good for concealing cracks or bumps, so don’t scrimp on the primer before using this kind of paint as a topcoat.

You may wonder which areas of your house are ideal for every paint finish. As a general rule, paints with sheen are good for high-traffic spaces while flat or matte paints do well for low-traffic areas. But if you want some more specific areas, below you can find these suggestions:

  • Flat or matte – for adult bedrooms, home offices, ceilings, textured walls, or any surfaces that have flaws
  • Eggshell – for living rooms, home offices, laundry rooms, guest bathrooms, or exterior surfaces
  • Satin – for living rooms, foyers, entryways, hallways, kid’s bedrooms, playrooms, laundry rooms, or guest bathrooms
  • Semi-gloss – for bathrooms, kitchens, playrooms, chair rails, trims, closet doors, and other utility areas
  • Glossy – for kitchens, doors, trims, rails, banisters, chairs, cabinets

It takes care when choosing the right sheen or finishes for the areas you specifically want to paint. This will result in an excellent and professional-looking finish when you finish your house painting in Concord.


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