House Painting Concord – Pick the Right Exterior Paint Color

When you plan to do house painting Concord, picking the right type of paint for your home’s exterior is not the only thing that’s important. It’s not only the paint’s ability to resist Mother Nature’s punishing elements that you should consider. Whether you know it or not, your house exterior is an extension of its personality, and what it “says” to your neighbors. So you want to pick a paint color that will perfectly share your personal style.

Picking the right paint for your exterior can be difficult and it can also be rather frustrating. If you pick a color that is boring and dull it may make your house seem flat and lifeless. However, if you paint your exterior with colors that are too loud, it might shock and upset your neighbors.

To avoid these unwanted scenarios, here are some tips to help you pick the right exterior paint color when doing house painting in Concord:

  1. Consider your house’s personality
    Like the style of your favorite clothing, your house has a style and personality of its own. Your own neighborhood, your family’s lifestyle, or your home’s geographical location can influence your choice of exterior paint colors.
  2. Respect your house’s history
    Your choice of colors can also be based on your home’s past history, especially if you want to re-paint an older home. You may hire a professional to determine an accurate color scheme for your house. They may obtain and analyze some old paint chips and try to recreate its original color. If they cannot match it, they will try to create a paint color that is as close to the original paint color of your home as possible. You can use a color chart to assist you in that regard.
  3. Blend with your neighbors
    Whether your home already exists in the neighborhood or is newly-built, it helps if you take a walk around and assess the homes of your neighbors. If they follow a noticeable color scheme (which is most likely), you may want to choose colors that will be unique but at the same time will blend nicely with the neighboring homes. You don’t want a shocking pink-colored home in the midst of your Mediterranean-style neighborhood, do you?
  4. Check your roof
    Your roof will also tell you about your exterior paint color choices. So look at the color of your roof. Is it slate? Perhaps it is terra cotta, clay, or metal. Your paint color should harmonize the color of your roof.
  5. Consider your home’s natural surroundings as an inspiration
    If your home is situated in the beach, in the forest, or in tropical surroundings, they can be really great inspiration for your exterior paint color choices. For instance, if your house is located near the beach, take cues from the surroundings – sandy whites, deep blues, sea greens, sunny yellows, and sunset gold.
  6. Use lighter colors to increase size
    Do you know why most mansions are often painted white? It’s because light colored paints make a house appear bigger and wider. Dark colors seem to make the structure look smaller; besides, they fade faster than light colors. Choose whites, creams, or beiges to help achieve a more massive look for your exterior.
  7. Take your color cues from your home’s architecture
    Your house’s architectural style can also affect your decision in buying paint for your home’s exterior. For instance, if your home has a simple box-style architecture, one or two paint colors will suffice. If your home is level-tiered, a few more colors may apply.
    For instance, if your home has a Tuscan or Mediterranean style, you should use the colors associated with it – sun-kissed browns, weathered whites and terra cotta oranges. For houses bearing Victorian-style architecture you should pick whites, creams, light grays, and even some brick reds.
  8. Focus on the details
    You should select accent colors for siding, molding, doors and windows, columns, brackets, and other features of your exterior. If you want to make those details stand out with the rest of the exterior, buy a contrasting paint color (e.g., if your exterior is all-white, paint your door and window frames with red). But if you want everything to blend together, buy a paint whose color is a few shades away from the color of your house’s exterior.
    Just remember to use the right number of colors. Too few colors can make your house look blah, while too many colors can make your house look wild and unplanned.

The best paint colors for your exterior should never overwhelm the features of your house. Rather, they should highlight your home’s best features. Skillful application of the paint colors will hide your home’s design imperfections, enhance your home’s curb appeal, and increase its re-sale value. Those are the things that you want to take into consideration when you do exterior house painting in Concord.