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House Painting San Ramon – Choosing Interior Painting Colors

House Painting San Ramon – Choosing Interior Painting Colors

House Painting San Ramon – Choosing Interior Painting Colors

When house painting in San Ramon making decisions on a good type of interior paint can take more than just a guesswork. A new coat of fresh paint will give the interior of your home in a whole new look and feel. So wise planning and decision-making will directly affect buying a new paint and then applying it in any room.

First you will want to study the size of your room. Is it spacious or is it small? A smaller room will appear bigger with a light-colored paint, while a more subdued paint color will make your large space look more comfortable. Also consider your home’s other elements such as moulding, columns, trim, etc. Decide if you want to make them stand out or otherwise blend them with the rest of the room color. This decision will lead to the type of paint color you will buy and use.

It’s also important to take the function of the rooms into account. If you paint for the bedroom or guest room, cooler colors such as blue and green will appear more relaxing to the eyes. For the kitchen, the recommended paint colors are bright and vivid such as white, red and yellow.

If you’ve prepped your house interior for the painting job, it’s time to choose a color palette. As the homeowner, you should also have a say on choosing room color. You may derive your color choice from your mood or personality, or the color of your favorite dress or flower. You can also draw ideas from what’s already there in your home, if it’s already been furnished. For example, if you have a favorite art piece, furniture, or painting in your home, apply this inspiration to the type of interior paint you’re going to buy.

What kind of paint finish do you want or need for your room? Several paints have different kinds of finish — flat, semi-gloss or glossy. Paints with a flat, solid finish are excellent for ceilings and walls in almost every room. It’s recommended to cover flaws and cracks in surfaces. Semi-gloss or glossy paint are recommended for bathrooms and kitchens as well as other parts of the house such as shelves and windowsills.

Buy good quality paint as much as possible. Purchasing a good kind of paint can also be considered an investment. Even if the paint cost you a bit more, you are assured of its top coat, ease of application, protection and ability to withstand with age. Some great quality paints have primer in them, meaning that they offer extra durability and protection to the surface. Other good paints have the ability to dry quickly, and are easy to clean and resistant to dirt and dust.

Do you want water or oil-based paints? It’s totally up to you if you want the conventional oil-based paints or choose water-based ones. But it’s recommended that you buy water-based paints instead. They’re less odorous and easier to clean. Plus, they age better than their oil-based counterparts.

It’s always wise to turn to experts at Custom Painting, Inc. if you need to seek professional advice when it comes to house painting in Pleasant Hill. Our painting contractors are fully licensed and insured, so you can be confident we will provide the best interior painting services.


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