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House Painting San Ramon – Choosing Interior Painting Colors

House Painting San Ramon – Choosing Interior Painting Colors

One of the advantages of interior painting in San Ramon is that there are no rules in choosing a wall color. Unlike exterior painting, you may not have to adhere to the HOA guidelines when choosing colors and shades for your interior spaces. Selecting the right interior paint colors depends on what kind of ambiance you want for your room.

Some homeowners are hesitant to use color for their interior spaces. Some people think that a particular color would trend today and go out of style in the next. Others have had the unfortunate experience of having the wrong color on their walls that they had to paint them all over again. Even their favorite colors ended up disastrously in their homes. Many people are afraid to go out of their comfort zone and explore different colors boldly. That’s why they stay safe with neutrals such as whites, beiges, and light grays.

But you don’t have to be afraid of color. It’s true that many people really struggle when it comes to choosing the right color. Color can be a powerful tool – get it wrong, and the color will “scream” at you every time you enter the room. Get it right, and you won’t even notice it because you love spending time in your room. Wise planning and decision-making will directly affect choosing and applying a new color in any room.

Choosing paint colors

If you have prepped your room for the painting job, it’s time to choose a color palette. As the homeowner, you should be able to decide which color to use in each room. You may derive your color choice from your mood or personality or the color of your favorite items. You may also draw other color ideas from what’s already in your home.

Tip 1:

Study the size of your room. Is it spacious or small? The rule of thumb for choosing a paint color is that the room will appear bigger with light-colored paint. Conversely, the room will appear smaller and more comfortable with a more subdued paint color.

Tip 2:

Consider your home’s other elements, as well. Look at your home’s trim, molding, columns, staircase railings, etc. Decide if you want to make them stand out or otherwise blend them with the rest of the room color. This decision will help you buy and use the right paint color for the interior walls.

Tip 3:

Take the function of the rooms into account. If you paint the bedroom or guest room, choose calm and soothing colors such as blue, green, and purple. These colors will help you calm down after a long day. For the kitchen and the adjacent dining area, the recommended colors to paint are white, yellow, red, and orange. These colors make these spaces feel vibrant.

Tip 4:

Take your color scheme inspiration from any existing object in your home.

  1. Start by choosing three colors from anything you feel comfortable with or evoke strong connections with, such as furniture, a decorative piece, or your favorite tie or scarf.
  2. Then, find three sample strips with your chosen colors, and you instantly have up to 18 colors since each sample strip usually contains six paint colors.
  3. Next, choose one of the three paint colors for your walls and save the other two to be used as accents around the room. If you have an open floor plan home, you may want to paint the adjacent areas with the same wall color or with the same wall color but a few shades lighter or darker.

Choosing paint finishes

Once you have the colors in hand, decide on the paint finish. What kind of paint finish do you want or need for your room? Several paints have different finish types – flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, or glossy. Paint finishes create an appealing visual effect. Know more about the different types of paint finishes.

Paints with a flat, solid finish are excellent for walls, ceilings, and any space with little to no foot traffic. Flat paints are the best for concealing flaws and cracks in surfaces.

Eggshell and satin are the most popular as they play a happy medium between flat and glossy finishes. They emit just enough sheen and reflectivity. Eggshell and satin are suitable for almost all areas in the house, as they are durable enough to withstand traffic and cleaning and scrubbing. However, they tend to show surface flaws, so you need to have your walls well-prepared before applying these paints.

Semi-gloss and glossy paints are recommended for bathrooms and kitchens, as well as doors, cabinets, trim, and railings. They emit the most sheen and are the most durable of the bunch. However, semi-gloss and glossy paints are the most prone to reveal surface imperfections, so be careful in applying them.

Buy good-quality paints as much as you can afford. Purchasing good-quality paint can also be considered an investment. Even if the paint costs you a bit more, you are assured of its ease of application, excellent coverage, solid colors, protection, and ability to withstand traffic and other elements. Some premium paints have primers, eliminating the need for a separate primer and providing the surface with extra durability and protection.

Water-based or oil-based paints? It’s totally up to you. But water-based paints like latex and acrylic are the most recommended for indoor painting. They dry faster and are easier to clean. They emit less harmful fumes and age better than their oil-based counterparts.

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