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House Painting Pleasant Hill: How Does the Rain Impact Drying Time?

House Painting Pleasant Hill: How Does the Rain Impact Drying Time?

House Painting Pleasant Hill: How Does the Rain Impact Drying Time?

One of the challenges of exterior house painting in Pleasant Hill concerns weather conditions such as rain. If it’s raining, you can’t paint.

Especially when your area is prone to moisture and humidity such as a fog or rain, it’s recommended to put off painting until the moisture is gone and the house is completely dried. If you start painting while the surface is still damp, not only will your job be compromised, but drying will take even longer, as well. And there’s a worse repercussion: the surface will suffer blistering or bubbling paint as it dries. You have to fix the problem like scraping off the blistering paint, sanding the surface off and painting all over again — you don’t want that unnecessary extra job, time, or expense, do you?

It’s pretty obvious that you can’t paint while it’s raining. If you need to paint but the surface is still damp, what are you going to do? You have no other choice but to wait until the surface is completely dried and ready for painting.

You have to check the weather forecast, too. If it tells that it’s going to rain, it is best to put the exterior painting on hold until the rain comes and goes, and the surface is completely dried. Other exterior projects like deck restoration work should also be rescheduled to the next clear set of dates.

Since rain has affected the exterior house painting in Pleasant Hill, here are some of its common effects on your exterior painting job.

  • Most paints for exterior painting dry in just a matter of hours, as long as the manufacturer’s instructions are followed. But of course, not all paints are created equal, since latex (water-based) paints dry at a duration which differs from oil-based paints. Professional contractors evaluate the paints their clients have chosen and see how fast or how slow they dry.
  • Professional and some DIY painters use a method called the “sidewalk test,” which determines if the sidewalk is completely dried, then it generally means that the exterior walls and the siding are dried too and ready to receive paint.
  • Weather conditions certainly can have a big impact on the exterior painting job, especially on the time it takes the exterior paint to dry. It’s okay to do the interior painting job even during an extended period of rain as interior walls won’t be as affected by the precipitation. But in case the exterior surfaces have been exposed to heavy rains, it is ideal to leave the walls and the siding to dry completely before you start painting.

While it is impossible to counter the forces of nature, we can learn how to deal with them. There’s no need to worry about delayed house painting in Pleasant Hill. With the experience of your professional painting contractor such as Custom Painting, Inc., you can be confident that the paint job will turn out exactly the way that you’ve wanted.


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