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House Painting Pleasant Hill: How Long Will It Take to Paint the Exterior?

House Painting Pleasant Hill: How Long Will It Take to Paint the Exterior?

One of the usual questions we usually ask about interior house painting in Pleasant Hill is: “How long will it take to get it finished?” Because, let’s face it, we want the job to get done as soon as possible, right?

But let’s face this too: there are several factors that might affect the duration of a painting project. Without further ado, let’s take a look at each:

1. The size of the house

It goes without saying — the bigger the house, the longer the painting project will take.

2. The condition the house

If a home is newly constructed or renovated, it means it will likely take less time to paint it. Conversely, re-painting an older home will definitely take longer because the surface may have acquired problems over a long period of time such as fading paint, cracking, blistering, peeling or chipping paint, as well as holes and cracks on the surface. In this case, a proper preparation is required so that the surface will be clean and smooth again. Priming may also be needed to help the top coat to bind more effectively to the surface.

3. The size of the manpower

The more people working on the project, the faster the job is expected to be completed.

4. Number of colors, the type, finish of paint, and the number of coatings

Let’s assume that a standard painting job consists of one coat of white paint on the ceiling and two coats of a neutral-colored paint (like white or beige) on the walls. This painting job is pretty basic and is expected to get finished in a day or two (it depends on whether the space has any baseboards, trims, or some architectural details). On the other hand, painting a room with two or more colors will definitely give your room a unique design and character, but the job is expected to take more time before it gets finished.

Latex paints typically dry faster than oil-based paints but that also depends on several factors. A mild humidity and ample ventilation will make the drying process faster.

As for the paint finish, a paint with a matte or flat finish generally applies and dries faster than a paint with a gloss or sheen. It’s because a flat paint is less likely to create unsightly streaks — and therefore, fewer mistakes in the application.

5. Painting application

Using a brush or a roller is still the most practical and efficient method of house painting in most cases. Spraying paint may be faster but the preparation takes a considerable amount of time as you need to cover every inch of the space that isn’t intended to be sprayed with paint.

6. Going DIY or going professional

Given that a DIY home painter has a lot of spare time to paint the whole space, and the surfaces are in good condition, the painting job is expected to be finished on time. If you paint a standard room by yourself (taking the factors mentioned earlier), the job will be completed within 5 to 6 hours. If the room has baseboards, trim or other details, it may take an additional 2 to 3 hours to complete.

However, a professional painter has the experience, the quality paints, the right set of tools and supplies, and the proper techniques. Since painting is the only thing that a professional painter focuses on, he makes sure to finish the job as scheduled (or even earlier than scheduled). A pro painter can even complete two standard rooms in one work day, which is equivalent to 8 hours.

In other words, choosing a professional to work for you will save you time as well as money — and you’ll get the quality finish you’ve always wanted. Plus, it will also save you from headaches especially if the contractor is also insured by his company and offers a valid warranty for his work.

If time is of importance to you but you also want excellent and long-lasting results at the same time, consider the above factors before deciding whether you’ll take on the project by yourself, or hire a professional who will do a faster and more efficient house painting Pleasant Hill.


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