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House Painting San Ramon – Don’t Make These Contractor Mistakes

House Painting San Ramon – Don’t Make These Contractor Mistakes

House Painting San Ramon – Don't Make These Contractor Mistakes

If want to have house painting in San Ramon done by someone else, it is wise to hire a professional to do the job. But it doesn’t mean that you have to pick any contractor just because they are near your area or they are the ones available.

Choosing a contractor takes a bit of work, but it will be worth it once you land the perfect one to work with for your painting job. Try to avoid making these mistakes when looking for a painting contractor.

Hiring a contractor that is not insured

What would happen if an accident occurs which results in injury to the uninsured workers or damage to your property? You would be responsible to pay the damage or the medical expenses. A contractor that is insured will cover all the damage incurred during the course of the job.

Hiring a contractor that is not licensed

If the contractor is not licensed, it means that they are not legitimate to do business. You may be facing possible scams from unlicensed, uninsured, unknown, or fake contractors if you don’t confirm their license prior to hiring a painting contractor.

Having a lack of communication

Open communication is a key to avoid later problems that can arise once the work has started. Once you found an honest contractor, ask straightforward questions and clearly outline not only what needs to be done, but also what you want and expect to be done to your home. Better yet, put the communication into writing to protect yourself and your home from unscrupulous contractors.

Hiring a contractor that shows up at your door

You get a knock on the door and see someone who claims to be a contractor. That person tempts you with a lot of offers (free inspection, or a free cleanup), or claims that they’re working just up the street. This isn’t to say that everyone who shows up at your door is trying to scam you. But if a person like that who offers gimmicks or deals that sound too good to pass up, then you’ll know what they’re up to. To make sure that this person is a legitimate contractor or just a con artist posing as one, respectfully request their business card, call your neighbors, or contact the Better Business Bureau and inform them of their suspicious behavior.

Going for the bidder with the cheapest offer

While it is understandable that customers want to cut corners, choosing a bidder with the lowest price is not always a good idea. If you pay a cheaper contractor, sure, you may save some money. But can you expect that the workmanship, the paints and the materials they use, as well as the results will also be of low quality? Remember that your house is an investment and it is crucial that you make the best decision when choosing a contractor to paint your home. It is also helpful to be aware that what you decide will affect your home in the long run.

Paying the full amount up front before the job is completed

California’s state law reads that contractors should not charge more than 10% down payment. If the contractor you’re considering charges you the full amount up front, it is likely that they’re not insured or they will leave before the job is finished.

Forgetting to ask for a warranty/guarantee

A lot of clients commit this mistake. Make sure that you ask the contractor for a written guarantee of their work. Thoroughly read the contents of the written guarantee — what the contractor covers and what it doesn’t — to make sure that nothing is left out. Ask the contractor as well if you find things in the written guarantee you don’t understand. Most reputable contractors offer a one-year warranty.

You’re the boss, so you want nothing but the best for your home. Recognizing the above mistakes and doing your best to avoid them will save you from future embarrassment, inconvenience, and stress when you hire a contractor to do house painting in San Ramon.


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