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Household Items Help You Save Money While House Painting in Danville

Household Items Help You Save Money While House Painting in Danville

You may not know it, but many household items, surprisingly, can help you save money while house painting in Danville. Read the following list to see which items can save cash as you paint.

  1. Tired of cleaning and washing your paint tray all over again? Try lining the tray with aluminum foil or even an ordinary plastic grocery bag. Cleaning will become a breeze!
  2. Make a nifty paint and paintbrush holder by cutting the sides of your empty plastic milk jug. The mouth of the jug will hold the paintbrush, while the bottom cup of the jug will contain the paint. If you want to hold more paint, don’t cut so far on the sides.
  3. For painting behind awkwardly-placed, immovable objects such as behind the toilet bowl, protect these objects by covering them with plastic. To make reaching these awkward places, connect the paint brush to a paint stick to make reaching the space easier.
  4. For unsightly, crumbly, and hardened leftover paints on the edges of your roller, scrape them off by cutting the edges of the roller using a pair of scissors.
  5. Don’t throw away your used bottled water cases! Use them as to hold your paints, paintbrushes, rollers, etc. in place, thus keeping them from accidentally spilling paint anywhere in the room.
  6. Vaseline petroleum jelly can be your best house painting buddy! Smear dabs of it on things you don’t want to be painted, such as nails, screws or hinges.
  7. Use cotton swabs to clean off any very small paint smudges along the edges as you paint.
  8. Use an empty Pringles can to store used a paint roller if you plan to paint over the course of a couple of days. After the roller is in the Pringles can, put it inside a fridge to prevent it from drying out. To ensure the quality of the roller, place the roller inside a zip to bag, and put it inside a Pringles can before storing it inside the fridge.
  9. Hate paint odor? Add some vanilla extract in the paint, and mix them together very well. The vanilla extract won’t affect the quality but will give the paint an agreeable, pleasant smell.
  10. Ordinary vinegar from your kitchen can also be great as a painting tool! Use it to wipe any metallic surfaces before coating them with paint. The vinegar will prevent the paint from cracking and help clean the metal.
  11. Spray paint a smaller item (like picture frames or door knobs) inside a roomy cardboard box. This will minimize mess as well as prevent over spraying. For spraying items that are too big to fit inside a cardboard box, use a plastic garment bag instead.
  12. A humble rubber band will surprisingly make your job easier and less messy! Stretch a strong, large rubber band vertically around the paint can so that it positions itself across the middle (this will leave ample space to dip your brush into the paint can without accidentally touching the rubber band). Use the stretched rubber band to wipe your paint brush instead of the rim. Less splatters and fewer drips down the side of the can!
  13. Saving some paint? Scrape that wet paint off the roller back into the paint can before washing the roller. This will ensure you get the most paint off the roller as possible so it can be used on the wall later.
  14. When you’re about to paint over an existing paint, it’s important to determine whether the current paint is latex or oil-based. Soak a cotton ball with regular rubbing alcohol and rub it on the surface. If the cotton ball has stains on it, it means that the paint is latex. But if the ball comes clean, it means that the paint is oil-based. This will let you know if you are going to buy latex or oil-based paint for the new coat.
  15. If you want to alter the paint color a bit, add some unsweetened Kool-Aid (any flavor) into the latex paint. Of course, this is good for small areas. If you want to paint a large area, you’ll want to mix all of the paint at once so the color is uniform throughout the room.

You will be surprised that your every day household items can also be capable painting tools in a snap! These regular household items will help you save money and time plus they will also help you tap into your resourcefulness and creativity while house painting in Danville.


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