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How Long Does Paint Last When House Painting in Pleasanton?

How Long Does Paint Last When House Painting in Pleasanton?

How Long Does Paint Last Wehn House Panting in Pleasanton?

Long lasting paint is a good indication of good house painting in Pleasanton. Good surface preparation, the quality of the paint, and weather extremes are all factors of how long paint will last.

Many paint manufacturers guarantee that their paints last as long as 15 years, but this guarantee is only applicable if you follow their guidelines. The following tips will help your paint last as long as possible.

One of the key factors for long-lasting paint is good surface preparation. If the surface is new, nearly flawless and has never been painted, the best thing you should do is to prime the surface. This will help the paint to adhere better. If the surface is not primed, the tannins will bleed through the paint, resulting in moisture in the wood that will lead to poor paint adhesion.

If the surface was previously painted, there is a possibility of flaws such as cracks and holes, as well as peeling paint. If you find any peeling paint, remove it using a wire brush and a scraper. After that, sand the surface smooth. If the old paint remains intact, don’t bother scraping it, because it will be just sanded and then painted over.

If the surface shows any flaws such as cracks, nail pops, and holes, fix them with a repair compound. Caulking cracks and inside corners, patching medium sized holes, carving out and filling joint cracks, are some of the ways to address surface flaws. Allow the repair compound to dry, and sand the surface afterwards.

The exterior paint will last depending on the quality of the paints you use. Obviously, good quality paints are more expensive, but they often contain more bonding materials than cheaper paints. You can buy good quality paints that may cost $25 per gallon, depending on the manufacturer, but there are paints that can cost more.

As much as possible, avoid painting in extremely hot weather. High temperatures cause the paint to dry too quickly, or to bond too fast on the surface. If you paint with latex paints, a film will form before the paint has time to bond. This will weaken the paint which will not last as long as it’s made to last.

Similarly, you should not paint when the temperature is too cold. That is unless you’re using paint that is designed to withstand temperatures of 50 degrees Fahrenheit and below. When the weather is cooler, the air will produce more moisture. As much as possible, avoid painting during the hours of late at night and early in the morning. It is at these times the temperature is at its coldest. If the paint accumulates more moisture before the film has formed, it will cause the paint to weaken. A weak paint, therefore, will never last on the surface.

You shouldn’t be surprised the next time you discover that your painting job doesn’t last as long as you hoped it would. You may realize you didn’t prepare the surface properly, you used poor-quality paints, or you painted in an extremely hot or cold weather. Follow these tips when house painting in Pleasanton to see a paint finish that will last for many years.


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