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How to Use Eggshell Paint When House Painting in San Ramon

How to Use Eggshell Paint When House Painting in San Ramon

How to Use Eggshell Paint When House Painting in San Ramon

For a lot of homeowners, it seems that the eggshell paint is the best option for house painting in San Ramon. Compared to other paint finishes, eggshell paints are quite versatile and can be used in many areas of the house.

An eggshell paint gives off a slight sheen — not too dull but not too glaring. But like other paints with gloss, eggshell paint is also known for its durability. It is also resistant to moisture and thus easy to clean compared to a flat paint. It’s only perceived weakness lies in its inability to cover surface flaws in the same way as other glossy paints.

If you want a paint that can last for a long time and withstand dirt and moisture so as to minimize your cleaning chores, then the eggshell is the perfect choice. Here are the places where an eggshell paint is appropriate:

  1. The kitchen
    The kitchen is a high-traffic area whose walls suffer a lot of beating, so to speak. A wall that’s coated with an eggshell paint will be resistant to moisture, oil, grease, food splatters, and other food particles. Plus, an eggshell paint is durable so that it can withstand a light brushing. A flat paint, on the other hand, is usually poor in this area as it tends to absorb moisture and stains quite easily.
  2. The bathroom
    Like the kitchen, the bathroom is also a high-traffic area. But it is more prone to moisture and humidity especially around the sink, toilet, bathtub, and the shower area. This calls for a paint that is highly resistant to moisture as well as scrubbable, so the eggshell paint is ideal for this purpose.
  3. The entryway or foyer
    The entryway or foyer is a fairly high-traffic area so the best paint for it should have sheen and durability, like the eggshell paint.
  4. The living room
    Living rooms are usually painted with flat paints, as they are not as high-traffic as bathrooms or kitchens. But there are times when you need to clean the living room and may have to remove the dust and cobwebs that stick onto the surface. An eggshell is also ideal for this space as it will make wiping and cleaning the walls a lot easier. Besides, it has the right amount of sheen that will give your walls an appealing reflective quality, e.g., when you turn on the soft wall lights during the evening.
  5. Kid’s rooms
    Kids usually like to draw — but it shouldn’t be on the walls! Nevertheless, many children will leave crayon and marker art on the walls. Muddy hand prints and splattered food are also the things you may usually find inside a kid’s rooms other than the kiddie graffiti. Coat the walls with an eggshell paint and it can save you from having to repaint the kid’s rooms all over again.
  6. Closets (including walk-in closets)
    Closets are usually small and thus it doesn’t take you much time to paint one. While a flat paint is fine, paint with some gloss such as the eggshell should be a better option. Eggshell paint reflects more light and this is ideal for small spaces like the closet. Plus, it’s also durable and easy to clean.
  7. Low-light areas
    Low-light areas like the basement often do not have good lighting. The eggshell’s reflective properties, although subtle compared to other glossy paints, will nevertheless help brighten up the space as it helps the light to bounce around the room.  This can be important to help highlight any architecture features of your home or maybe even an impressionist painting or other artistic item.
  8. The garage
    The garage is not merely the space to park your car. It now also serves as a working and storage space. A garage is also a busy area, so its walls should be protected from all the dust, dirt, oil and fumes. An eggshell paint can make the walls more resistant to all these elements and it is easily washable.
  9. The exterior of the house
    Did you know an eggshell paint is also excellent for exteriors? Knowing the eggshell’s properties, you do not need to vigorously clean the walls. All you have to do is to clean the walls with a garden hose or a power washer to keep them looking great.

More homeowners are considering eggshell paints for house painting in San Ramon as it is extremely hard-wearing and highly resistant to moisture and other elements.


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