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Is There a Best Paint for House Painting in Pleasanton?

Is There a Best Paint for House Painting in Pleasanton?

Is There a Best Paint for House Painting in Pleasanton

House painting in Pleasanton is a quick and relatively easy way of giving your room or the house a new look. If you also intend to put your house on the market, a fresh coat of paint will make your home more sellable.

Choosing for the right paint for your house painting in Pleasanton is not a matter of guesswork. It is helpful if you do a little bit of research; after all, it’s your home and you will want to update and further beautify its appearance.

Paint comes in two main types related to their bases: oil and latex. Since the main solvent of latex is water, latex is easy to clean up. Latex-based paints are resistant to fading and it breathes better than its oil counterpart. This results in less blistering of the paint. Those qualities alone make latex paint the more commonly preferred over oil-based paints, either for interior or exterior painting.

However, oil-based paints have their own good points, too. While oil paints are the less popular choice mainly because it dries slower than latex, it otherwise tends to seal to surfaces well. Oil-based paints are excellent for priming trim and real wood molding. It depends on your specifications and preferences on which paint is best for you when house painting in Pleasanton.

Consider the function of your room as the basis for your decision in buying paints. For high-traffic areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, or children’s playroom, paint with a gloss or sheen should be used. The glossier the paint, the easier it is to clean. For example, dirt found on the kitchen wall is better wiped and cleaned easily when the wall is coated with high-gloss paint. However, glossy paints tend to show surface flaws such as holes and other blemishes. The higher level of gloss paint has the more chances that flaws will become more obvious. High-gloss paints are also excellent for trim. This will give a good contrast to the flat paint that is done on the rest of your house’s surface.

Paints with flat and matte finishes are excellent to hide surface flaws. One layer of paint is enough to cover these flaws. But the downside of this type of paint finish is that it doesn’t stand up well to a good cleaning. Another surface that is coated with flat paint tends to show more dirt, so will want to use this kind of paint in areas that aren’t prone to get dirt or fingerprints on them.

Paint with an eggshell finish is probably the most ideal choice. While it can hide imperfections like flat or matte finish paints do, an eggshell paint also gives sheen and is easy to clean and wash just like the glossy paints. Eggshell is the most recommended kind of paint as it has qualities of both flat and glossy paints.

Choosing the color of your paint depends on your preferences or requirements. If you want a subtle and soothing look for your room, pick a paint color that gives off a relaxing feel like hues of blue, greens and purples, pinks and soft yellows. A vibrant and lively atmosphere can be achieved with vivid colors such as red, dark purple, sunny yellows and oranges.

The size of your room can also be a deciding factor in choosing the best paint color. If your room is small, applying white or another light-colored paint will give your room an illusion of height and spaciousness. But if your room is too spacious, give it more subdued and richer paint hues such as dark purples or greens. This will make your vast room look more snug and comfortable.

Yes, there is a best paint for your house painting, and it depends on your personal needs of the family living in the house. But when you buy paint, choose the best quality paint possible. Paints that have the best quality usually cost more, but in the long run it will save you from repainting again for many years. This could help you save money, too. It’s often recommended that you thoroughly clean and prime your walls before you begin painting. Good quality paint, as well as a good painting job, will ensure you of a durable paint that will last for years. This is the best paint for house painting in Pleasanton.


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