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Mistakes to Avoid When House Painting in Pleasant Hill

Mistakes to Avoid When House Painting in Pleasant Hill

Mistakes to Avoid When House Painting in Pleasant Hill

DIY painters often make mistakes when house painting in Pleasant Hill. This doesn’t have to be the case if you pay attention to these areas where most mistakes are made.

1. Skipping preparation

The lack of preparation tells the big difference between the pros and the DIY painters. We know that you are excited to begin painting and see the new colors on the wall. But believe us, jumping straight into the painting without preparing the surface first will result in a less-than-appealing finish and you don’t want that.

Properly clean the walls, scrape off any peeling paint, apply painter’s tape carefully, and apply any joint compound on any flaws then let it dry. For best results, use a primer before you start painting.

2. Not using the proper paint

This is one of the common mistakes most DIYers make. It doesn’t hurt to have a little education about the type of paints you have to buy. For instance, if you have a wall whose paint is oil-based and you buy a latex (water-based) paint it will result in serious surface flaws.

To know if you need a latex or oil-based paint, wet a clean rag with a denatured alcohol and gently wipe it on the surface. If there’s a stain on the rag, it means the wall is painted with latex paint and therefore you need to buy latex paint. If the rag comes out clean, then you need an oil-based paint. You can also use a cotton ball and fingernail polish remover. The result will be similar.

3. Using the wrong paintbrush and rollers to save money

You may have the best quality paints, but if you’re cutting corners by buying cheap and inferior brushes, you’ll never have the results you want. Good-quality brushes and rollers may be a tad more expensive, but they are more durable and guarantee better coverage. Plus these high-quality brushes will save you from having to buy cheap and fragile brushes and rollers all over again when the others wear out.

4. Using masking tape instead of a painter’s tape

A masking tape is fine for recreational painting, but this is a no-no whenever you’re house painting. Use the painter’s tape instead, the one which the pros use.

5. Skipping primer

Unless you’re painting on a surface that’s new and not previously painted, a primer is necessary to give the coats a durable, solid, and long-lasting finish. It also helps in covering flaws or traces of the old paint, especially if you’re painting a light-colored paint over a darker one.

6. Dipping the brush too deeply into the paint

Dip the brush no more than a third of the way into the paint. In this way, you will avoid wasting much more paint because it won’t be dripping down the bristles onto the handle.

7. Not waiting before applying for a second coat

Not waiting for the first coat to dry before adding second coat will cause serious problems, such as peeling paint or unsightly brush marks. Your hard work will go to waste. Read and follow the instructions on the paint can so you are aware of the paint’s drying time between applications. If you’re still in doubt, let it dry for about 24 hours before moving on to the next coat. It really pays to be patient.

Avoiding these mistakes when house painting in Pleasant Hill will help ensure your paint job will look flawless and professional-looking.


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