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No Money for a Remodel? Try a Fresh Coat of Paint! Danville Paint

No Money for a Remodel? Try a Fresh Coat of Paint! Danville Paint

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Having your own house is one of your greatest personal accomplishments. The excitement of purchasing your own home is priceless. But your idea of a perfect home may change as time passes. You need to revamp the look of your home, but it can be expensive.

However, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your home, interior, and exterior. Whether choosing a bright and vibrant paint color or one that is more subdued, a quality paint job can improve and enhance the look of a home. Choosing the right Danville painting company can make a difference.

The differences between renovation and remodeling

While the terms “renovation” and “remodeling” essentially mean the same thing, where you are physically changing a property, there are significant differences between the two.


  • Involves updates or restoration
  • Smaller in scope
  • Restores a space without making significant changes
  • Usually, a simple job
  • Involves a few people
  • Doesn’t require permits
  • Often costs less than a remodel
  • Is DIY-friendly


  • Involves changes in the layout or structure
  • Is larger in scope
  • May change the use of a space
  • Often is a complex job
  • Involves many people
  • Often requires permits
  • Can be quite costly
  • Requires the services of a professional

Unless you have the money for a full-scale remodeling, you can get by with a fresh coat of paint (and a few simple repairs) to breathe new life into your home.

Renovating your home with little money

While expensive, paying for a remodel was possible at one time. But things have changed. The economy has worsened (and has been for a while now), and people everywhere must act accordingly. For most people, spending a ton of money on remodeling their homes is not practical. The payoff isn’t there in terms of recovering one’s investment when selling their home. A good paint job may be more than sufficient for cases where a remodel isn’t desperately needed.

Painting is a good alternative for those who don’t have the budget for extensive home remodeling or those who aren’t willing to spend a lot of money on their property.

One of the best things about paint is that it comes in so many colors and finishes. Depending on your mood, wants, or needs, you can change the paint anytime. Because paint comes in various colors, shades, and finishes, it is possible to have every room in one’s house or property painted a different color if the homeowner wishes. This color choice might not suit everyone, but it is an option if that is what you want.

What does it cost to paint the interior?

There are two ways to help you figure out the cost of your interior home painting project: by the type of room to be painted or the square footage of the space.

  • By room – Painting an average-sized living room should cost between $900 and $2,000. Expect to pay $300 to $750 for painting the kitchen or the master bedroom and $150 to $300 for painting the bathroom. Of course, the more rooms you want to paint, the costlier the job becomes. But if you’re on a tight budget, consider prioritizing a room or area you want to change the most.
  • By square footage – If you know your house’s square footage, you can easily calculate the price to paint the interiors. The job typically costs around $2 to $6 per square foot, including labor and materials. With the average cost of $3.50 per square foot, painting the interiors of a 1,000-square-foot, one-story home will cost you $3,500, while painting the interiors of a 2,000-square-foot, two-story home will cost you $7,000.

What paint adds value to your home?

If you’re staging a home, going for the neutrals – like shades of white, gray, beige, and taupe – can increase the resale value and thus help you sell your property faster.

In addition, neutrals are often more appealing to buyers because many are looking for a “blank canvas” where they’ll be free to add their personal touches (such as colors or decor) when looking for a new home.

But if you’re going to repaint your home simply because you want a cozier space, you can use any color you like. When choosing a paint color, a property owner should consider their personal preferences. The style of the home may also be a factor, along with the color and style of the furniture and decor.

The painting company in Danville that a homeowner hires can also help in this regard. They can help the property owner decide on a new color. This service can benefit those who have not decided what they want and need help with decorating decisions.

Many residential painting companies offer color consultation services, which is helpful to customers as they are often overwhelmed by the wide variety of color options. They help their clients with the color selection to ensure they are 100% happy with their final choice. Choosing the right color will also help homeowners avoid expensive problems in the future.

Going the DIY way – does it save you more money?

One benefit of renovation is that it is DIY-friendly. It gives you greater control over the final result. Some homeowners are concerned that their painting contractor won’t be able to achieve the color or shade that they have in mind, although it won’t be too much of a worry if you choose the right contractor. When you paint the room by yourself, you can do everything your heart follows.

Doing the paint job by yourself also allows you some more flexibility. You can paint room by room as long as you have the time and the budget.

And last but not least, the most obvious advantage is that you won’t have to pay for labor. It’s not to say that choosing to go DIY is 100% free because you still have to buy paint and supplies. That said, it can often save you a decent amount of money when you do the work yourself.

However, you may not get the high-quality results you expect when you choose the DIY route. Painting isn’t as simple as it looks, and it’s easy for DIY painters to make mistakes that compromise the results. Errors can, in turn, put your cost savings at risk, as you may have to buy more paints to cover these mistakes.

While there’s nothing wrong with doing the paint job yourself – sometimes, it’s even a prudent approach – just be aware that it may be as simple as you think. You may wind up wishing you had just hired someone else more experienced in painting in the first place.

Hiring a professional

Individuals in Danville, or other Bay Area cities, will find numerous painting companies from which to choose. They choose to hand the work to a professional rather than going the DIY way because of its many benefits, including:

  • The pros have more skill and experience
  • No prep work required
  • A better-quality finish
  • Saves you time
  • Saves you money in the long run
  • The pros have the licenses and insurance

Before hiring a painter, it is necessary to ensure that they have all of the proper licenses and insurance. Confirming this will protect the property owner in case something goes wrong. Choosing a well-known company with a good reputation will lessen the likelihood of something going wrong and subsequent problems, but it doesn’t guarantee it.

Remember, a fresh coat of Danville paint can go a long way when someone doesn’t have money for a remodel. Whether the job is done by yourself or a professional, painting can freshen up the look of the home and will likely cost much less than a remodel.


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