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Let Custom Painting Put Fresh Colors On Your Walls For That New Home Feel

Custom Painting, Inc.

Sometimes it’s not a new home you’ve been longing for; it’s just a change from the routine that you’re seeking. And isn’t that a much cheaper and far easier option? That’s what new colors on your walls are worth when you choose Custom Painting, Inc. for the job!

With Custom Painting, Inc., a fresh coat of new colors can breathe new life into your home and make it seem brand new. It can set an utterly original tone and release a more harmonious energy than you find boring.

When working with Custom Painting, Inc., you can be sure that the color you want and the mood you seek to create are what you will get!

Interior paint is easy-breezy when you leave it to Custom Painting, Inc.

The tarp, the brushes, the rollers, the drip pan — put away all of that if you’re looking for convenience at a price that’s just a smidgen over DIY. And while we’re reinventing your home, moving out is unnecessary. Custom Painting, Inc. makes it easy-breezy.

From making sure all the furniture is moved out or covered – at no extra charge – to keeping your carpets and floors drip-free, our professionals have painting down to an art! We even ensure your furniture returns right where it belongs by the end of the day. And because we’re Custom Painting Inc., we guarantee your furniture won’t end up with paint smudges, scratches, or nicks.

Overwhelmed with color choices? Let Custom Painting, Inc. help you out!

Choosing the right color for your room can take some work. Often, you’ll get lost with hundreds and even thousands of paint color choices! It can be challenging to decide on a color scheme.

One option is to hire an interior designer to help you, but you don’t have to go to that expense if all you plan to do is switch paint colors. Instead, you can enlist the help of a professional painting company, such as Custom Painting, Inc., to help you decide on the color scheme that will work best for your home. Not just that – they will paint it, too!

While our painters offer professional suggestions, we still put your personal choices as our top priority. One of our goals is to make your home reflect your personality and individual style. We will gladly help you and ensure your home will look just how you want it.

How to choose a new paint color

Some homeowners love bright and bold colors, while others feel the most comfortable around neutrals.

The good news is that hard and fast rules don’t exist when choosing interior wall colors. That said, we’ve all been to homes where a burst of color created a disconnected feel between rooms, particularly from homes with an open floor plan. And this is something that we feel the urge to run away from!

To avoid such a problem, consider the following tips and suggestions to create a cohesive flow of color throughout the space, but at the same time, help define the areas in your home.

  • Create a color scheme that matches your furniture, artwork, decor, or personal belongings.

One of the interior design secrets is choosing colors from pieces of your furniture, decor, or artwork. You can start by choosing three colors from any home object– your couch, drapes, scarf, or favorite artwork. Take photos of these objects and bring them to the paint store, which will, in turn, provide you with three sample color strips.

Next, choose one of those three colors as your wall color and save the other two to be used around the room as color for doors, door and window trim, baseboards, and crown molding.

To choose another color for adjacent rooms, take the same three original colors and select another one.

You can also choose a fourth color that can be used as an accent color in every area of your home.

  • Pick a color that flows through the room.

If you live in a home with an open floor plan, use a consistent paint color on the walls of continuous spaces. Doing this will create a more cohesive look and feel. It doesn’t always mean you must stick to a single color throughout the room. You may want to pick a few shades of one color to maintain some cohesiveness while simultaneously defining your home’s areas.

  • Choose a color that will appear bigger or cozier.

In selecting colors, the general rule of thumb is that light colors will make your room look bigger and brighter, while dark colors will make it appear cozier. Lighter colors can open up a small space, while darker colors make rooms appear closer than they actually are.

Smaller spaces can benefit from lighter hues, such as several shades of white. Rooms lacking natural light may also benefit from lighter colors, as they will create an illusion of brightness. You may also want to paint your trim the same color as the walls (or a few shades lighter). By doing so, the walls will appear farther back, making your room look even bigger. If desired, install a large mirror to give the illusion of depth to your room.

On the other hand, darker colors tend to absorb light, making spacious rooms cozier and creating a sense of intimacy. Start with warm, deep tones for the walls. Include the ceiling, as well, to make your room appear lower. You may also want to experiment with heavy, textured fabrics in bold and rich colors and add dramatic window treatments.

Of course, you don’t have to follow these rules. Small spaces don’t always need to appear big and spacious rooms don’t always feel snug. These are only suggestions on how you would like your rooms to look or feel. That said, it’s pretty amazing how paint colors can profoundly change the appearance of any room.

What kind of paint, which room, what colors – Custom Painting, Inc. will help you decide!

We stand by the quality of the paint we use. Most of our products are water-based and dry within hours – just the option you need when you want home improvement projects wrapped up and out of the way. We help you decide what areas to paint first and guide you on what kind of paint and color best suits each room of your home.

It may be hard to believe, but amateurs try applying water-based paint over oil-based paint! That’s a surefire recipe to have the paint peel off in sheets! When working with Custom Painting Inc., you’re working with the pros. Repairing holes and dings in the walls, matching texture, and fixing cracks so they don’t return – leave it all to us.

Choose Custom Painting, Inc. when you’re looking to get all kinds of finishes or surfaces painted. We’ve done it all! And yet, each project and every home we paint is unique to us and special to you. When you want an interior paint job for your home, contact us!


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