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Let Custom Painting Put Fresh Colors On Your Walls For That New Home Feel

Let Custom Painting Put Fresh Colors On Your Walls For That New Home Feel

Sometimes it’s not a new home you’ve been hankering for; it’s just a change from the routine that you’re really seeking. And isn’t that a much cheaper, and far more painless, option! That’s what new colors on your walls are worth when you choose Custom Painting Inc. for the job!

With Custom Painting Inc. a fresh coat of paint, or an entirely different color on your walls, can make your home seem brand new. It can set a completely original tone and release a more harmonious kind of energy than the one you’ve gotten oh-so-bored with. With Custom Painting Inc. you can be sure that the color you want and the mood you want to create, is the one you’ll get!

Interior Paint Is Easy Breezy When You Leave It To Custom Painting Inc.

The tarp, the brushes, the rollers, the drip pan — put away all of that if you’re looking for convenience at a price that’s just a smidgen over DIY. And while we’re reinventing your home, there’s no need to move out. Custom Painting Inc. makes it easy breezy. From making sure all the furniture is moved out or covered – at no extra charge – to keeping your carpets and floors drip-free, our professionals have got painting down to an art! We even make sure your furniture goes back right where it belongs by end of day. And because we’re Custom Painting Inc., we guarantee your furniture won’t end up with paint smudges, nor scratches and nicks.

What Kind Of Paint, Which Room, What Colors – We’ll Help You Decide

We stand by the quality of our paint. Most of our line of products are water based and dry within hours – just the option you need when you want home improvement projects wrapped up and out of the way. We help you decide what areas to paint first, and guide you on what kind of paint and color best suits each room of your home. Leave it to the amateurs to apply a water-based paint over an oil base paint! That’s a sure fire recipe to have paint peel off in sheets! When you’re working with Custom Painting Inc., you’re working with the pros. Repairing holes and dings in the walls, matching texture and fixing cracks so they don’t keep coming back – leave it all to us.

Choose Custom Painting Inc. when you’re looking to get all kinds of finishes or surfaces painted. We’ve done it all! And yet, each project and every home we paint is special to us. When you want an interior paint job for your special home, contact us right away!


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