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Painters Walnut Creek – Helping You Choose the Right Paint for Your Home

Painters Walnut Creek – Helping You Choose the Right Paint for Your Home

Painters Walnut Creek – Helping You Choose the Right Paint for Your Home

With such a dizzying array of paints available what should painters in Walnut Creek use on their homes? There are many variables to consider, from the surface being covered, to the local weather, and the method being used to apply, not to mention available budget. You might think that all you need to do is choose a color, but color is probably the least important aspect of the paint.

Paint is your first line of defense on most of your home’s surfaces, inside and out. Along with making your home beautiful, it covers your home like a skin and with some of today’s paint special additives, can protect against many common problems, for instance mold and mildew.

There is a difference between interior and exterior paints. Interior paints come in more colors, glosses and sheens; exterior paints are more durable and are more likely to have UV protection. Get the type labeled for your use.

The next basic consideration is oil based vs. water based. People used to be told to never mix the two types of paint, or at least to never put water base over oil base. However, with a good primer, you can cover anything with anything. Latex, vinyl, and acrylic are called water based paints because the primary base ingredient is water. Alkyd paints are the only modern “oil base” paints and their base is mineral spirits, aka paint thinner. The term “oil base” comes from earlier paints that actually used oils as bases. As paint dries, the base solvents mostly evaporate. What you are left with are pigments (colors) binders (things like acrylic that hold the pigments to the surface and to each other) and specialty additives. These are what make a paint of higher or lower quality and more or less expensive. It is also these other ingredients that determine which paint is best for the surface and situation painters in Walnut Creek face.

For most uses, latex paint, especially acrylic latex or 100% acrylic is the best choice. It dries more quickly, so that there’s less time needed between coats. It has fewer odors, can be cleaned with water, and is more environmentally friendly. The 100% acrylic is easy to apply, clean up, and is very durable. It can be scrubbed, doesn’t chip easily, and holds its color and sheen.

Alkyd paints are unpopular for interior use mainly because of the strong smell and the slow drying time. However, that same slow drying time is what allows it to smooth out brush marks. It generally dries to a smoother and glossier finish than latex paints. It is stain and scuff resistant and is very durable, which makes it great for high traffic areas and trim. For exterior painting, it is often preferred because it works well with sprayers and for its durability.

Sheen may be more important than latex versus alkyd. Generally speaking, the higher the sheen the greater the durability, wash-ability, and resistance to humidity and other moisture. There are also specialty paints with different additives for special situations, like elastomeric paints for stucco.

By and far the most important consideration in choosing paint is to pick high quality paint, from a reputable source. Using cheap paint will cost more in the long run when you have to redo it sooner than having used quality paint to start the project. If you are not doing the project yourself, it is also important to choose quality professional painters for your Walnut Creek project.


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