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Painting Pleasant Hill – The Benefits of Using a Primer

Painting Pleasant Hill – The Benefits of Using a Primer

Anyone considering painting in Pleasant Hill may wonder if it is necessary to use a primer. If you have decided to do the painting yourself, you may be tempted to not use primer. However, there are many benefits for using it.

One of the main reasons for using primer, and one of its main benefits, is that not all paints will bond to every surface. Suppose you’ve moved into an existing home. You’re not sure what type of paint was used on the walls. By using a primer, you’re giving whatever paint you choose a better chance of adhering properly. This would be particularly important if you are using a faux finish for your walls.

Do the walls have cracks or divots in the surface? Are there places where repairs are necessary? If you have to make repairs to the walls of your home, you will want to use primer to adequately seal the surfaces to be painted. If a smooth surface is a necessity, primer can help you attain the results you want.

Primer is recommended whenever you decide to paint wood surfaces. Generally, wood will absorb whatever moisture is available. This means the wood grain will absorb the moisture in the paint which will make the grain swell. Puckering and peeling paint may be the result. When you use a primer, you create a watertight seal that enables the paint to achieve a smooth finish and will not damage the wood.

Primer is also recommended when painting over wood because the grain can show through a coat of paint. By painting the surface with primer first, you reduce the need for multiple layers of paint to achieve the solid shade you desire. As an added benefit, primer is less expensive than paint, so using primer will reduce the cost of painting a room or exterior.

As mentioned above, painting any surface with a primer will seal the surface being painted and create a bond that will allow you to add color. With new drywall, the primer seals the sanded joint compound. Primer can help paint bond to concrete if you choose to paint it along as well as helping to prepare metal and plastics for accepting paint.

Are you painting a lighter color over a previously dark painted wall or surface? It is probably best to use a primer before you start adding your lighter paint. The primer prepares the surface, can cover nearly any color, and give a fresh, clean slate to your painting project.

Is it absolutely necessary to use a primer whenever you start a painting project? The answer you get will depend upon who you ask. If you are using a residential painter in Pleasant Hill, like Custom Painting, Inc., you can ask them if painting with primer is necessary before you start painting in your Pleasant Hill home.


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