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Is Primer Needed for House Painting?


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When it comes to house painting in Pleasant Hill, one crucial question often arises: to prime or not to prime? This seemingly simple decision can significantly impact the durability, appearance, and overall success of your paint job. Primer, often overlooked, Read more…

In the world of real estate, appearances are everything, and first impressions last. In order for a potential buyer to be interested enough to look at what’s inside the property, they should be impressed by what’s outside. And this is Read more…

Exterior house painting in Pleasant Hill has its share of difficulties, and one of them is painting brick. Brick is notorious for being difficult to paint and maintain because the bricks are porous and thus absorb paint. Not to mention they also Read more…

One of the common challenges for house painting in Pleasant Hill is extreme weather conditions which can affect the quality of your paint job. The summer season, for instance, may bring extended periods of drought. Not only does drought mean deficiency in Read more…

Anyone considering painting in Pleasant Hill may wonder if it is necessary to use a primer. If you have decided to do the painting yourself, you may be tempted to not use primer. However, there are many benefits for using it. One Read more…

Did you know that the exterior painting on your Pleasant Hill home can act as an extra layer of fire prevention? Adding one simple extra coat of intumescent paint could save you money and stress down the road. It might even someday Read more…

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