Planning a Budget for Commercial Painters in East Bay

Commercial painters in East Bay understand that business owners need to stay within their budget but at the same time they also want a neat and professional-looking finish. They also understand that business owners need to proceed with the paint job without causing disruptions to their client’s day-to-day business activities. That’s why commercial painters are there to ensure that everything in the paint job goes smoothly without any unpleasant incidences.

While painters typically paint high commercial building exteriors and interiors, they also work on smaller spaces such as a retail shop or a cafe. Since commercial painters can do any kind of paint job, you may think that they’re more expensive to hire in comparison to their residential counterparts. But it’s not always the case. The right painting budget depends on the size and the condition of the property that needs to be painted.

If you own and/or manage a small retail shop or cafe, painters will calculate and determine the cost, and employ a smaller crew. In the case of large shopping complexes or high-rise apartments, painters will also calculate the costs. The difference is that they will hire a bigger team of painters and use some equipment that are unique to commercial painting such as scaffolding, lifts, and sand blasters. They may also use types of paints that are different to those used in a residential painting.

In budgeting a commercial painting, accurate estimates are necessary as they are an essential part of a successful painting job. Commercial painters look at each job and calculate the expenses that are related to the paints, materials, labor, and other odds and ends. They must provide an estimate that is not only accurate, but an estimate that is also flexible and can be adjusted in case there are needed modifications in the project. A comprehensive and precise estimate will enable you to adjust your budget accordingly. It’s always preferable to re-evaluate the estimate regularly while the paint job is in progress to avoid massive cost overruns.

Generally, painters charge between $25 to $45 per hour, depending on their experience and the state you live in. Some commercial painters may charge based on the hour, while others may charge based on the size of the job. So, if you would pay a single painter based on an hourly rate, expect to pay him from $200 to $400 for a day’s work. But since this is commercial painting, work will most likely take more than a day and it will take more than one painter or two to finish it, so you can expect to pay more than the suggested rate.

You can also calculate how fast a painter does his work by the hour. Typically, a painter covers 100 square feet per hour; so, if he covers 1,000 square feet in a day, expect to pay him from $250 to $450. Imagine how much this figure will balloon in a commercial painting.

Aside from the cost of labor, you have also had to include the price allocated for paints, supplies, equipment (whether commercial painters own them or rent them) as well as for other phases of the job such as prep work and cleanup. Your overall budget for commercial painters in East Bay really depends on your specific requirements, the type or the condition of the surface, and the complexity of the job, as well as the experience of the painters themselves.