Commercial Painting East Bay: Painting a New Office

If you think of commercial painting East Bay, it mostly reminds you of workers painting high-rise buildings and office spaces. Indeed, one of the responsibilities of a commercial painting team is to complete the look of office spaces with a fresh coat of paint, making them attractive for potential tenants who are looking to lease a new place for business.

No two painting jobs are the same, because each office owner has different requirements they want to meet to have their premises painted. Owners should make sure that they hire the right contractor who will be able to provide custom colors, finishes, and textures which will conform to their own specifications.

Office owners looking for someone to paint their space would end up hiring companies who are competent in both residential and commercial painting. Others, however, would prefer to hire contractors whose job focuses solely on commercial/industrial painting, because owners believe that such contractors will provide the best results.

Whoever office owners want to hire, truly professional painting contractors know and understand that the overall look and feel of the office can lend a profound effect on the atmosphere of a working space, and of course the performance of the workers.

Many experienced contractors also have knowledge of design that helps them in carrying out their job more efficiently. They can paint intricate design elements in an Art Deco post office building, or geometrical acoustic office pods in a more innovative, state-of-the-art IT office setting.

Seasoned commercial contractors are also well-versed on applying the right colors for every office area. Colors can create a profound impact on the workers’ behavior, mood and productivity. The right combination of colors will certainly help workers to boost their productivity and efficiency levels.

Blue – This color gives a stable and calming effect, especially the softer hues. While some shades of blue are good for accents, this color is often best to paint an entire office space. This color is perfect for certain areas that require brainstorming. Recent studies have shown that people in blue environments are able come up with ideas and solutions much better, compared to those surrounded in environments of other color.

Yellow – This color is often associated with energy, optimism, happiness, and fun. It can also help promote good decision-making and creativity. But using the wrong shades of yellow, or using too much of it, can also trigger anxiety and even anger. That’s why it’s best to use this color for accents.

Red – Among all colors on this list, red is the color that awakens us and instantly attracts our attention – that’s why this is the universal color for traffic lights and “stop” signs. Red has been shown to increase heart rate and blood flow. It can also whet one’s appetite, that’s why many restaurants and fast-food stores are painted entirely in red, or with red accents. This color is best if your job requires some physical activity, if your business works during the night shifts, or if you’re involved in the food industry.

Green – This color is often connected to nature, new life, growth, and balance. Green is a relaxing and soothing color that can help tone down office stress and tension. Using the right tones of green help in calming one’s nerves and in reducing anxiety and irritability, but the wrong hues can make one to feel sick and nauseated.

Neutral colors – White and off-white may indicate a company with a clean and crisp image. Darker office spaces will benefit from the use of white since it is a highly reflective color. However, an all-white office space will give one a cold impression. On the other hand, almost all buildings choose white for the exteriors as it is the best color to reflect sunlight, especially in warmer areas.

Image and reputation is important to every business. If companies make a mistake in choosing a contractor who turns out to be unprofessional and does a sloppy job, it will result in a less desirable and a less professional-looking finish. Clients would think twice about doing business with a company with badly painted office interiors, and the company’s image will suffer ultimately. That’s why choosing a commercial painting East Bay contractor to paint your new office is of paramount importance.