Skills You Expect the Best Painters in the Bay Area to Have

Paint may be superficial, but a good or a bad paint job can really make a big difference in the appearance and feel of a space. While many property owners paint their own interiors or exteriors, most find it more sensible to hire the best painters in the Bay Area. They have the skills, the experience, and the right paints and materials to deliver a great-looking finish that will last for a long time. With the pros in charge of the work, it allows customers to focus their attention on the more important matters at home.

If you’re looking for someone to paint your residential or commercial property (or if you are interviewing one), here are the following skills and other requirements that qualify people as truly professional painters:

  1. People who want to do residential, commercial, or industrial painting (or all of them) for a living do not have to be a college degree holder or need to complete specialized training to paint. But in some states, like California, they do have to be licensed. Clients readily trust painters who carry a valid license.
  2. Aspiring painters should also apply for insurance to protect them (and their would-be clients) from liability in case anything goes wrong.
  3. Residential, commercial, and industrial paintings are, in many ways, different jobs. Painting interiors and exteriors are also separate jobs in some ways. The painter’s skill level, and the types of paints, and the required tools that he uses can differ depending on the paint job.
    For instance, painters can choose to do interior residential painting only, exterior residential painting only, or both. They could also choose exterior painting only (or interior painting only, or both) to both residential and commercial areas. Some professional painters are so highly skilled that they can paint homes, businesses, and factories. You have to know what you want in a painter so that you won’t end up hiring the one who doesn’t quite match your requirements.
  4. Many professional painters also have other skills that will have an additional benefit – both for himself (more skills, more work opportunities) and for his clients (because they don’t have to hire anyone else for jobs other than painting). These additional non-painting skills may include installing wallpaper, custom molding installation, doing repair work, “popcorn ceiling” removal, and many others. Ask the candidates you’re considering if they have a wide range of other skills (aside from painting).
  5. A good painter is like a complete package. He should also have an aesthetic sense and pay attention to detail. Smooth, even, well-adhered coats and crisp, clean edges can be achieved if the painter exhibits a strong sense of what looks good.

It’s not only the working skills and experience that clients require from a painter. He should also have good communication and interpersonal skills, familiarity with required paints and tools, physical dexterity, strength and balance, and time management skills.

When you hire the best painters in the Bay Area, you will ensure that you get a flawless and long-lasting paint job in your residential or commercial property. If you have considered hiring the pros, Custom Painting, Inc. can help! Just imagine how great it will feel to leave your home or business for a while and come back to a newly painted space you can feel good about living in or doing business.