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Preserve Your Bathroom Paint When House Painting in Pleasanton

Preserve Your Bathroom Paint When House Painting in Pleasanton

Preserve Your Bathroom Paint When House Painting in Pleasanton

There are two most remodeled areas of the house when house painting in Pleasanton: kitchens and bathrooms. In fact, some say that bathrooms have even surpassed kitchens in popularity! With this in mind, it is no wonder that a lot of homeowners are finding a renewed interest in investing in bathrooms and remodeling/renovating them.

For a lot of homes, bathrooms are no longer considered just a utilitarian room. They are now seen as an oasis and a place for relaxation. Many bathrooms have luxurious bathtubs and showers. Some of them are converted into small spas and have pocket gardens with real plants, smooth stones and little fountains.

Replacing tiles and fixtures may call for serious professionals but if you had to bring a new look to your bathroom by yourself, just a coat of paint will do. You just can’t paint a bathroom like you paint any other areas of your home. Since bathrooms are exposed to high moisture and humidity a little different approach is needed when painting bathroom walls.

While there is no such thing as “bathroom paint” like what it’s claimed, there are paints that are formulated for areas that are highly prone to moisture and humidity, including (but not limited to) the bathroom.

The bathroom’s number one enemy is moisture — from the steamy showers and baths as well as splatters directly from the showers, bathtubs and sinks. Use paints which have anti-mildew additives. Although they cannot completely prevent mold and mildew, they otherwise can help inhibit their growth.

Pick the right finish for your paint. Flat or matte paints are ideal for most areas such as the living room and bedroom. While they are perfect in concealing surface imperfections, they are otherwise not durable and hard to clean, so flat paints are not ideal for bathrooms. Paints with gloss are more preferable for painting bathroom walls. There are satin/eggshell, semi-gloss and glossy paints, but the most preferred for the bathrooms is the satin or semi-gloss. Not only are they durable, but they are also easy to clean. Walls painted with glossy paints can take as much wiping and washings as possible — as long as non-abrasive cleaning tools are used.

Despite saying that bathroom walls having durable paints, it is still best to preserve them. Apart from moisture, scrubbing as well as drying the walls can take their toll. Having a quality bathroom fan will allow enough ventilation and thus help prevent moisture from forming on the walls. Also use watertight shower curtains, backsplashes, and infrared ceiling heaters to avoid moisture from getting onto the walls.

The general rule of thumb in bathroom painting is that brighter colors should be used over darker ones because the latter will make the bathroom look claustrophobic. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you should succumb to the classic all-white. Who wants a boring-looking room with white tiles, walls, and ceiling? Add a touch of color just on the walls — it can be marine blue, soft green, cheery yellow, passionate red, or even dark brown, purple or black paint on the walls for some drama. Make sure that you have proper lighting to highlight the beauty of your bathroom, as well as enable you to spot some dirt in the room.

It is important to preserve your bathroom paint in order to keep them intact as long as possible. If you live in the Bay Area and surrounding areas and you’re seeking for professional help in bathroom painting, you might want to contact us at Custom Painting, Inc. We would be glad to assist and provide you help in any matters regarding house painting in Pleasanton.


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